Steps to Becoming an Insurance Agent: Your First 90 Days at Farm Bureau

April 13, 2022

Once you complete the Developing Agent Program, it’s time to start thinking about your professional goals — as well as your next steps — as an insurance agent.

Meet Your Mentor(s)

It’s important to find a mentor you can turn to for advice, especially early on in your time as an agent. Luckily, all new Farm Bureau agents are paired with a District Manager. This person will be your guide as you get started; they can field questions or just listen if you need to talk. They’ll also share insurance industry knowledge and trends, explain common practices at Farm Bureau, provide you with professional advice and conduct joint meetings with you as you gain real-life experience.

If you should need additional help or information, you’ll also have a team of underwriters, trainers and other agents to lean on!

Set Up Your Office

In some areas, Farm Bureau offers established centers as an office option for new agents, while many choose to open their own office space. These centers give you the opportunity to work in a ready-made space starting on Day One. This allows you to focus on growing your business and nurturing client prospects instead of managing small but time-consuming administrative tasks. You’ll also enjoy a company-owned storefront to facilitate client meetings, complete with office equipment and supplies.

Grow Your Prospect List

A great place for new insurance agents to start when looking for potential clients is family and friends. Most people want to get insurance through someone they trust, so begin by asking the people you’re close with if they have insurance, if they’re happy with their current plan or if there have been any recent changes that would prompt them to switch the type of plan they own.

For clients who won’t be as easy to win over as your family, your District Manager will be an excellent resource for advice on how to expand your list of potential clients.

Market in Your Community

An important step to becoming a successful insurance agent is letting your community know that you are there to help them protect their livelihoods and futures. In good times and in bad, your job is to be there for your friends and neighbors to protect what matters most to them.

You’ll want to spread the word by utilizing some of the marketing materials that Farm Bureau offers, and use these to meet more people who might be interested in the insurance opportunities you’ll have to offer. Here are a few common ways our insurance agents get involved in their communities:


·         Volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about

·         Attend networking opportunities

·         Join local clubs or activities to meet new people

·         Coach a local sports team

·         Attend community events

·         Sponsor school events or local little league teams

Personalize Your Website

Another essential tool you can utilize as a new agent is your Farm Bureau agent website. Most people turn to online search engines when they need something, so when someone in your area is searching for an insurance agent, you’ll want a professional web presence to help you attract leads. Farm Bureau will help you set up an agent website you can use to promote insurance policies and products, tell potential clients more about yourself and share with them the best ways to contact you.

Formulate a Sales Plan

At Farm Bureau, new agents learn effective insurance sales tactics in trainings and meetings with coaches. These team members want to see new agents succeed and will work with you to create a custom plan to help sharpen your sales skills. Your Marketing Coach will assist with prospecting, marketing and more to make sure you get your business off on the right foot.

Continue Your Training

New agents will receive additional support and training within the first 90 days of being a contracted agent. One of the perks of the agent educational classes is their flexibility to work around your busy schedule. The ongoing sales training will continue throughout your time as an agent to help make sure you’re always on top of the latest insurance industry trends.

Find the Help You Need

Learn more about resources Farm Bureau offers to help you take control of your professional future and connect with a District Manager to start a conversation about what this could mean for you. 

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