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5 Reasons Coaches Run Winning Insurance Businesses

If you’re a coach or even an athlete who has learned from and looked up to a great coach, chances are you learned important skills that you can now apply in your professional life. Insurance agents come from all walks of life and professional paths, and many sports coaches have found they have the perfect traits and mentality to become a successful insurance agent. Their drive and commitment make them the ideal candidates to join the Farm Bureau team. Check out all the similarities coaches share with our successful insurance agents, and if this description sounds like you, find out why starting your own insurance business could be your next great opportunity!

1. Coaches Are Motivated and Dedicated

One of the main tasks of a coach or trainer is to motivate those around them. They push their team to not give up and continue fighting for a win when they’re down. Their passion to achieve and their inspiring attitude is similar to our agents who help their friends and neighbors reach their life goals through our insurance and financial products.

With that peace of mind, our clients know that their Farm Bureau agent will be there for them in a time of need and will motivate them to keep pushing through the tough times. Insurance agents cheer their clients on, helping make sure what matters most to them is protected.

The commitment a coach shows to their team is also a valuable trait when training to become an insurance agent. As you learn the ins-and-outs of being an agent and get your business off the ground, it will take plenty of time and dedication - just like coaches set practice and workout routines for their players and are the loyal leaders of their teams.

2. They’re Value-Driven

The most successful agents are less worried about getting the sale and more focused on determining the needs of their clients. Showing clients your values and that you genuinely have their best interests in mind helps them trust you and lets them know that you’re truly going to be there when they need it.

In the same way, coaches teach their values to their players and demonstrate the importance of working together towards a common goal. At Farm Bureau, our agents team up with clients to help them protect what matters most. Exceptional coaches usually take a personal interest in each of their players and will go out of their way to help them when necessary, like staying late after practice to help a teammate who’s struggling with free-throws. When insurance agents show that type of personal attention to their clients, they’re able to determine what’s most important in their lives and can help them choose which type of insurance plan is the right fit for them.

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3. They Easily Bounce Back From Failure

It’s pretty rare that sports teams have a perfect season. Even the best players make mistakes and outstanding coaches will lose from time to time, and that’s okay! Coaches tend to have a “you win some, you lose some” mentality and are not thrown off their game by a setback. It’s important to believe that if you lose a game one night, you’ll bounce back and win the next one.

Sometimes you’ll face rejection as an agent, but you have to be able to learn from it and meet the next challenge with confidence. When you understand that you’re not going to win everyone over, you’ll have a better outlook on your insurance business, and you won’t be too discouraged to continue. Coaches know that a couple setbacks don’t take you out of the game - they just help you fight harder for a victory.

4. Coaches Are Strategic and Committed to Achieving Goals

When you’re the leader of a team, you need to choose the right tactics that will bring the group to success. Coaches are great at looking at the big picture and deciding the best move or calling the right play to execute in a matter of seconds. Their experience with critical thinking and making quick decisions will pay off when building an insurance business.

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Being strategic is a quality that’s important for winning Farm Bureau agents, and coaches can use their background to create plans that help them achieve their insurance sales goals. Growing your business sometimes calls for taking calculated risks, seeing the big picture and creating a plan to overcome any obstacles. Setting yourself up for favorable outcomes is what will separate you from the pack.

5. They’re Already Involved With the Community

Coaches have already mastered a key part of being a successful insurance agent without even knowing it: they’re involved in their communities. Local sports have a way of bringing the community together, and coaches have the opportunity to get to know many community members.

Oftentimes, Farm Bureau insurance agents are most successful when they get involved in their communities because they’re able to learn more about what matters most to each person and each family. By already being engaged with your community, you’re in a great position to talk to others about how the insurance plans you offer could help them protect their livelihoods and futures.

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