Real Stories About the Power of Insurance

June 26, 2020

Farm Bureau agents are always there — and ready — to help their client/members when unexpected events hit. Watch these stories of not just Farm Bureau agents, but also the families they’ve helped get through some of the hardest moments that life has thrown their way. 

From a Farm Bureau Agent

Our agents are passionate about their careers, and this passion is what motivates them to help protect their client/members.

Farm Bureau Vice President of Enterprise Information Protection Kevin Anderson

Many people may not understand the importance of purchasing life insurance, but Kevin Anderson knows firsthand how important it is to protect families from the unexpected.

Kevin’s father, an insurance agent, helped teach Kevin that it’s important to protect those around you. Sadly, Kevin’s father passed away from cancer at age 52. Knowing that he needed to protect his family, he had a life insurance policy that ensured Kevin’s mother would be able to pay off their home, as well as send Kevin and his brother to college.

From Farm Bureau Client/Members

The right insurance coverage kept Farm Bureau client/members moving forward in times of crisis.

Nebraska Farmer Brad Lundeen

Brad, a farmer since 1968, relies on his irrigation system to ensure his crops produce good yields. In 2014, a severe line of thunderstorms brought torrential downpours and straight-line winds that hit Brad’s farm. In the morning, Brad discovered that 16 pivots in his irrigation system had sustained substantial damage, and his grain bins had been totaled, resulting in major losses for his operation.

Fortunately, Brad had a SuperCheck with his Farm Bureau agent, Rod Hunt, before the storm hit. Because of this update to his policy, Brad had peace of mind knowing that his damaged farm equipment would be replaced. Within a week of the devastating storms, Brad was able to get his farm up and running again. And the best part was that there was no loss in his crop yield.

The Brock Family

To the Brock family in Delmont, South Dakota, Mother’s Day is memorable for more than the usual reasons. On this day, Katy and Adam Brock almost lost everything.

After seeking shelter in their basement, an EF2 tornado made a direct hit on Katy and Adam’s home. Once the storm had passed, they assessed the damage and contacted their Farm Bureau agent, Pat Westendorf. The Brocks felt that Pat was with them every step of the way through the claims process. Pat’s helping hand extended outside of insurance-related matters, as well. The family’s pet, who had been in an outside kennel during the tornado, was missing. But five days later, Pat sent a text to the Brocks informing them that their beloved dog, Gracie, had been found safe under the neighbor's house.

Within two days, Farm Bureau got Katy and Adam a check for their home and their two vehicles. However, this check didn’t solely cover their home and their vehicles. It also covered what was inside their home and made it possible for them to make their home whole again.

Make an Impact in Your Community

When the unexpected happens to friends, family or neighbors, Farm Bureau insurance agents stand with them and help them pick up the pieces. Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of those in your community? Contact us to find out whether becoming a Farm Bureau insurance agent is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.