Could You Be A Farm Bureau Agent?

What does a Farm Bureau agent look like? A lot like you. You may not have even noticed them in line with you for coffee or stopped beside you at the traffic light, but there they are, a part of your community. One fascinating fact about many Farm Bureau insurance agents is they have varied backgrounds and experience before joining our team. Not many people start out as an insurance agent, but many people find themselves switching careers to the rewarding opportunity of working for Farm Bureau Financial Services.

If you aren’t sure you’re cut out to be a Farm Bureau agent, take a look at some of the common paths that people took to begin their journeys and why it helped them succeed as an agent.


Many Farm Bureau agents start their careers as teachers. Teachers are used to being supportive members of their communities, whether that’s in their classroom or in their hometowns. The skills they learn in the education realm help them become successful agents. Great teachers are accessible, enthusiastic and caring, just like our agents strive to be. With their high energy and love of learning, teachers transition well into Farm Bureau agents.

Pharmaceutical Sales

Those who become Farm Bureau agents after starting out in pharmaceutical sales often achieve success. They’re positive, ambitious, and they believe in themselves. They have the business acumen and competitive nature that helps agents accomplish their goals.


The structured lifestyle and dedication of a person in the military translates well to being a Farm Bureau agent. Members of the armed forces learn how to be self-motivated and can learn new things quickly. They’re used to assisting others and making a difference in the communities in which they serve, and as Farm Bureau agents, they’re there for you when you need them.

Agricultural Sales

Similar to pharmaceutical sales, an agricultural salesperson has skills that give them the entrepreneurial spirit and high energy to succeed as a Farm Bureau agent. They’re problem solvers, and they have the desire to help satisfy the needs of the customer.

Hotel Manager

People who manage large businesses, such as hotels, have great leadership and interpersonal skills that they bring to being a Farm Bureau agent. The mandatory business knowledge and computer skills necessary for that industry translate into being a great agent.

Personal Banker

Managing finances is an important skill to have if you want to run your own business as a Farm Bureau agent. A banker’s strong intellect in mathematics and finances helps them succeed as Farm Bureau agents. They’re great at building relationships with those in their communities and understanding their needs.


Someone who coaches also has experience being coached. Coaches are great high-energy learners that know how to communicate well to a group. They often have a strong character, and as Farm Bureau agents, they have a sincere interest in helping others.


A farmer is someone who knows the ins and outs of managing a business. They understand finances and they have an entrepreneurial spirit. They can use their hard-working, caring attitudes to become successful Farm Bureau agents.

Real Estate

Real estate agents and Farm Bureau agents have a lot in common, which could explain why real estate agents do so well in insurance. Real estate agents have a go-getter energy that makes them competitive in their field. They’re self-motivated entrepreneurs who like to control their own professional journeys.


Construction workers aren’t afraid of hard work, and that’s why their transition into insurance is so successful! They’re dependable and always willing to continue to learn.

Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry is constantly changing, and that day-to-day fluctuation is what makes restaurant workers so skilled at insurance. People who come from this industry already have a good grasp on how to run a business and how to manage money.

Mobile Phone Salesperson

Along the same lines as pharmaceutical and agricultural salespeople, mobile phone salespeople have many translatable skills into the insurance industry. With a competitiveness that drives their work, those who sell mobile phones also understand technology and how to use it.

Whether you’re stuck at a dead-end job, or you just don’t like the career path you’re on, there are endless possibilities when you decide to become a Farm Bureau agent. Plus, you don’t have to immediately quit your day job when you start. Take a chance and find out if being a Farm Bureau agent could be the right career change for you.