Becoming an Insurance Agent at Farm Bureau

Being a Farm Bureau insurance agent is much more than just sales – it’s all about building relationships. As an agent, you’ll become an important resource in your community, make a difference, and help people protect what matters most to them. Your clients won’t just be a name on a policy, they’ll be people you get to know, people who are part of the same community you are.

Whether you're new to the financial services industry and want to begin growing an office through our Agent Development Program, a seasoned pro looking to make a change, or want to work directly for a Farm Bureau agent as a Sales Associate, we have a starting point for you.

Take control of your professional future, and complete the 'Get Started' form to learn more about how to become an insurance professional.


Getting Started with the Developing Agent Program

The Developing Agent Program is your chance to try the insurance business on your own terms and learn what it’s like to grow a business in insurance. Becoming a Farm Bureau agent is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, you won’t be “just” an agent; you’ll be running your own business. That’s why you’ll spend your first months in our Developing Agent Program. This program gives you an honest insight into the expectations and commitment necessary for success as an insurance agent, so you can decide if this opportunity is right for you.

Being a Farm Bureau Agent Really Pays

At Farm Bureau Financial Services we’re committed to developing the right people. When we find the right people, we want to make it financially lucrative by offering competitive commission, cash and travel incentives. Because starting out can be a challenge, we offer an additional commission opportunity during the early years. As a new agent with us, you'll receive commission on business you write and service, and also a monthly commission bonus for quotes and issued life business. 

Setting You Up for Success

Unlike traditional entrepreneurship opportunities, you’ll have the backing of one of the most recognizable companies in the industry. We’ll train you for success, providing both product training and effective sales strategies. As a Farm Bureau agent, you’re never alone – you’ll have sales and marketing support, dedicated sales coaches, and resources to help you get your new business off the ground.

Expanding Your Business

As a Farm Bureau agent, you’ll have access to sell a broad range of products, and the opportunity to leverage our growing wealth management practice to help expand your business.

Make a Permanent Change

Once you successfully complete this 4-month program, you'll find transitioning to a contracted agent relatively simple. After all, you've built a foundation for success, and proven you have what it takes to be an insurance agent.


Insurance Sales Associate

If you’re someone who wants to work in insurance sales but not directly manage a business, becoming a sales associate might be right for you. In fact, some of our best agents got their start as a sales associate.

As a sales associate, you’ll be a valuable resource for clients. You’ll work alongside an agent writing business, scheduling reviews and generally ensuring our clients are well-cared for.


Ideal Agent Candidate

Deciding whether becoming a Farm Bureau agent is right for you comes down to who you are and what motivates you. Here are some of the top qualities we look for:

  • Competitive 
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Business Acumen
  • High Energy
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Ag Background
  • Confident
  • Organized
  • Coachable


Commission from Insurance Sales

As a Farm Bureau agent, you’ll earn commission on the property-casualty and life insurance products you sell. You’ll earn commission based on your sales, not on a time clock. The more you sell, the more you’ll earn.

At Farm Bureau Financial Services, we’re committed to contracting the right people, professionally training them, offering competitive commission, and rewarding them with cash and travel incentives. There’s simply no limit to how much you can earn as a Farm Bureau agent. When you become a Farm Bureau insurance agent, you’re getting one of the best multiline exclusive agent contracts in the industry. And, to lessen the cost of getting started, we offer an additional commission opportunity during your early years.


Agent Recruiting Process and Requirements

If becoming a Farm Bureau agent feels like a good fit for you and you’re ready to see what it’s like to be an insurance agent, we encourage you to begin the recruiting and selection process by completing the ‘Get Started’ form. A District Manager will reach out to you to schedule your first meeting. If, together, you agree it’s a good fit for you, you’ll move forward to a second meeting with the District Manager and a third meeting with the Regional Vice President in your area. In your fourth and final interview, you’ll make a commitment to become a Farm Bureau agent, register for insurance industry courses and set a target contract date.

We believe our in-depth recruiting and selection process helps ensure the highest likelihood of success and we can’t wait to talk with you about our opportunity.


Are you interested in becoming an insurance agent, but unsure where to start? Learn more about the requirements to become an agent, how long it takes and more common questions.

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