A Team That Has Your Back

Unlike traditional entrepreneurship opportunities, Farm Bureau agents have the backing of one of the most recognizable companies in the industry.  We’ve earned that reputation by ensuring that agents have what they need to succeed, including access to teams of professionals committed to helping them.

Our extensive training and support system is one thing that sets Farm Bureau apart from other insurance companies. So while you’re in business for yourself, you’ll never be by yourself.

Your district manager is your mentor and your “go-to” person. From helping you learn insurance best practices to coaching you through building your business, your district manager will be with you every step of the way.

Here For You

When you make a commitment to becoming a Farm Bureau agent, we make a commitment to you. We ensure that you have the right people around you to support you, answer your questions and serve as resources for you and your business.
District Manager
Your district manager is your mentor and your “go-to” person. From helping you learn insurance best practices to coaching you through building your business, your district manager will be with you every step of the way.
Our comprehensive training program starts day one and continues throughout your time as an agent. Our field trainers are dedicated to helping you grow your business.
Marketing Underwriters
Our team of underwriters are there for you when you have complicated ag or commercial business cases, ensuring that your clients always have the kind of service Farm Bureau is known for.
Marketing Coaches
Your marketing coach will keep you up-to-speed with Farm Bureau’s marketing programs, materials and best practices. Together, you’ll build a strong marketing strategy to promote your business.
Just-in-Time Team
These sales professionals are available to help you with any sales scenario you may encounter. The goal of the Just-in-Time Team is to put you in the best possible position and help you ensure that you’re connecting clients to the right solutions for their situations.
Wealth Management Consultants

Your wealth management consultant can work with you to provide an enhanced client experience by developing customized goals and strategies that focus on more advanced life insurance and financial services needs.1

Financial Advisors

Financial advisors can help your clients create a comprehensive financial plan so all their planning and protections needs are met. You’ll work with an advisor to provide an integrated experience and build a team that’s focused on helping your clients build brighter futures.

Veteran Agents

Veteran agents have been in your shoes before; they know what you’re experiencing and can be beneficial mentors and sounding boards as you build your business.

Regional Vice President

Your regional vice president is your state leader. They’re responsible for looking at the big picture to set and execute strategy for agents across the state.

Lifelong Learning

When technologies change, new products launch, laws go into effect or shifts happen in the industry, we want you to be prepared. That’s why our agents never stop learning. We offer a multitude of training opportunities – from the first day to the last day, we’ll never stop preparing you for success. You’ll learn:

Our Sales Process

We’ll train you on our process, which is proven to help you start conversations with client/members and prospects about their goals – and how you can help protect livelihoods and futures and help build retirement wealth.

Products and Services

As a multi-line organization, we have a lot to offer. You’ll learn about the different options that will allow you to customize coverage to fit your clients’ needs at every stage of their lives. When things change, we’ll help you integrate new information into your existing sales process.


You’ll learn how to use a suite of technology to help build relationships and connect clients with the right solutions.

Business Management

Starting and running a business can be a big change, but you won’t be alone. We’ll help you with all the nuts-and-bolts that goes on behind the curtain so you can be confident in your future as a business owner.

Types of Training

  • An online repository of training materials accessible at your fingertips on a range of topics
  • Classroom trainings that offer opportunities to practice your skills with trainers and other new agents
  • One-on-one development opportunities with field trainers and marketing coaches
  • In-person Agent Academies to learn about products, managing your business and growing as an agent
  • Annual Sales Conference to hear from company leadership about advancements and connect with agents across our operating territory
  • Lifelong learning opportunities to keep you on-top of the game