Stand Out From the Crowd Online

How to Stand out in the Crowd Online

With so much information available online, it can be hard to get noticed by potential client/members. That’s why Farm Bureau provides agents with marketing materials and websites that help set them apart from the competition. Learn some of the best ways that insurance agents can expand their reach and improve their online presence to find new prospects and enhance their current client/member relationships.

Create a Personal Website

Today, 97% of consumers look up information online about a business before they shop locally. It’s critical for local insurance agents to have a personal website that gives potential and current client/members somewhere to go to find helpful information. We understand that many people turn to their computers to find information about insurance products, which is why Farm Bureau offers individual agent websites. Agents can customize their websites to showcase their best traits, their staff and team of experts, and their community involvement.

Top 5 Things Your Agent Website Should Feature

Creating the content for a website is no quick task. Before getting started, decide the best type of content to include to attract prospects and stand apart from the competition. Be sure to include these five things:

  1. Start with your elevator pitch. Right away when people land on your website they need to know who you are, what you do and why they should trust you with their business. Customize your welcome message to share why you’re in the insurance business and why you’re passionate about serving your community. Try to let your personality shine through your writing style so readers feel like they are getting to know the real you.

  2. Provide visitors with quality content. The most common and effective way to provide your audience with strong content is through a blog. Farm Bureau provides blog articles that cover a wide variety of topics related to insurance and agent websites include hundreds of articles, so your prospects and client/members can learn more about the company and a variety of topics.

  3. Show off your best work. On a website that’s all about you, it’s okay to brag a little bit. Providing your customers with real-life success stories in your Meet Me Introduction will give them the confidence to trust you with their insurance needs.

  4. Include testimonials from client/members. Visitors on your site want to hear how you helped real people, but they don’t always want to hear it from you. For this reason, you should include positive feedback from satisfied client/members. Feel free to include an unsolicited review on your About Us page. When you’re there for people during their time of need, they’re usually willing to pay back the favor and share their wonderful experience.

  5. Add your contact information. Your basic contact information and office location details are automatically included on our agent websites. Adding social media handles or links in your welcome message are also a great way for your audience to stay up-to-date with what you’re doing to help your community.

Set Up a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business (GMB) helps local businesses stand out online and puts you on the map. Setting up a listing will help your business appear in Google search results. Your listing will include location information, so you’re more likely to appear when people in your area are searching for an insurance agency.

Farm Bureau will create your Google My Business profile to include your name, address and phone number as well as business hours, and photos. The more information you give Google about your business, the better. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get started setting up a GMB account; Farm Bureau will guide agents along the way.

Use Business Pages on Social Media Platforms

Creating business pages on social media allows you to increase your reach to potential client/members. Having an account that’s separate from your personal social media allows you to stick to a focused theme and have a professional place to post about your business. We recommend that agents set up separate business accounts on Facebook and a business account on LinkedIn. If you need help improving your LinkedIn profile, we’ve got some tips to try.

Best Practices for Insurance Agents on Social Media

Post useful content. Sharing news that is useful for client/members keeps them coming back for more updates. Farm Bureau provides many social posts through our tools, and Agents can share Learning Center articles from their website. Also remember to add your website URL to your social profiles.

Show the community you care. Since most of your followers will most likely be in your neighborhood and people that you have personal connections with, don’t be afraid to share information about yourself. Personal stories about your passion perform very well on social media and give your audience a deeper understanding of why you love what you do. It’s also a great idea to share community events you’re involved with to show the other ways you’re contributing to helping those around you.

Stay engaged with your followers. Good content usually earns comments or reactions from users. If people are asking questions or trying to reach out to you, be sure to respond in a timely manner. Commenting back shows you care and want to build a relationship with them. Remember to take any detailed conversations offline. Try these other social media networking tips to expand your reach online.

Use Your Strengths to Set Yourself Apart From Competitors

When determining what to post online, ask yourself: what do you do that no one else does? What are your strengths? What experiences and insights do you have that make you a successful agent and help you provide the best service to your customers?

Use the answers you came up with on your agent website and social media platforms. Personalizing your information and showing the community your values will help you stand out among other insurance agents online and encourage prospects to choose you as their insurance agent.

Stay Up-To-Date With the Online Trends

At Farm Bureau, we’re continuously changing and improving to reach client/members in a way that’s convenient for them. We help our insurance agents set up new technologies and give them the opportunity to build better relationships. Click Get Started to join a team that sets you up for success.


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