Steps to becoming an insurance agent at Farm Bureau.

Steps to Becoming an Insurance Agent: Developing Agent Program

You’ve decided you want to begin the process of becoming an insurance agent. You’ve met with your agency manager, and you’re ready to move forward. Congratulations! The next step to becoming a Farm Bureau agent is to start the Developing Agent Program. The Developing Agent Program teaches you about the insurance and financial products Farm Bureau offers, provides on-the-job experience and equips you to become a successful Farm Bureau insurance agent.

Why Is the Developing Agent Program Important?

Starting your own business is a big change that affects you and your family, friends and community. You’ll need to learn the ins and outs of a new career as a full-time insurance agent, which can be challenging, especially if you’re accustomed to a typical 9-to-5 job. We created the Developing Agent Program as a trial period for potential agents to learn the ropes. This program equips developing agents with an understanding of both client needs and Farm Bureau product lines.

What’s more, the Developing Agent Program provides a supportive network of resources and mentors to potential agents, but also challenges them to learn through hands-on experience. You’ll earn commission on the products you sell and have the opportunity to earn a bonus when you graduate from the Developing Agent Program.

What Can I Expect in the Developing Agent Program?

The Developing Agent Program lasts 1-3 months, but you won’t have to quit your current job while you’re participating in the program. Even if you decide becoming an insurance agent with Farm Bureau isn’t the right option for you, you’ll still gain valuable business experience, and you’ll get a feel for what it’s like to run your own business.

Here’s what new agents can expect from the Developing Agent Program.

Hands-on Business Experience

The Developing Agent Program is a training opportunity that allows potential agents to experience the typical day-to-day life of a contracted Farm Bureau agent by actually meeting with prospective clients and reaching sales goals.

Support From a Team That Wants You to Succeed

Becoming a Farm Bureau agent means you have a support system rooting for you. From the very beginning, you'll work closely with an agency manager who will act as your personal professional mentor. Your agency manager is your resource for information about Farm Bureau offerings, insurance industry trends and the latest technology updates you can use to help grow your business. During the Developing Agent Program, your mentor will also let you know how you’re progressing through the course and will offer tips for success.

Opportunity to Earn Your Life and Property-Casualty Insurance Licenses

Your agency manager will help you schedule exams and properly prepare for licensing requirements as you get started. If you’re hired as a full-time Farm Bureau agent after completing the Developing Agent Program, you’ll need to meet licensing requirements. The cost to get your insurance licenses varies depending on the state you live in, but it’s often between $150 and $300.

A Flexible Schedule

When you’re testing the waters and learning how to become an insurance agent with Farm Bureau, you can set your work schedule around your current job and other prior commitments.

Opportunity to Earn Commission

We want your developing agent training period to be as fruitful as possible for you and your growing business, so you’ll be compensated for your efforts during this trial period. When you join the Developing Agent Program, you’ll start earning commission for your sales, just like a contracted agent.

Honest Insights Into Farm Bureau Agent Goals and Expectations

This interim program will show you how to succeed as a Farm Bureau agent. We walk you through your first few months in the Developing Agent Program, but you’ll become more independent as you grow into a successful insurance agent. Rest assured, Farm Bureau will still be there when you’re a full-time agent to offer the support and training you need. 

Ready to Try It on for Size?

Start building your own business by becoming an insurance agent at Farm Bureau! We’ll help you build the strong foundation you need to start selling insurance on your own. Join our team to gain a support system and learn the business skills you need to succeed.