What It Means to Be a Farm Bureau Agent: Our Story

At Farm Bureau Financial Services we’re proud of our heritage and honored to be part of the communities we serve. More than 75 years ago, our companies were founded to help meet the unique needs of farmers and Farm Bureau members. As times have changed, so have we, but still we remain true to our roots as a service-to-members organization. When you become a Farm Bureau insurance agent, you become a key part of our mission to protect the livelihoods and futures of our members.

Our legacy now includes people from all walks of life – rural, urban and in-between. When our clients purchase property-casualty products, they also purchase a Farm Bureau Membership, giving them access to a variety of money-saving benefits in their local communities. And, speaking of local communities, our agents are proud to be involved in the communities where they live and work. Our agents understand being a Farm Bureau insurance agent isn’t just about selling, it’s about people, relationships and helping take care of what matters most.


Farm Bureau Membership

Being a Farm Bureau agent isn’t just another insurance job. Farm Bureau Financial Services offers property-casualty insurance, life insurance and annuity products to client/members in eight Western and Midwestern states, giving your clients access to a variety of insurance and financial products to protect what matters most. Through our affiliation with Farm Bureau insurance companies in six other states, affiliated agents market our life insurance and annuity products to clients.

When customers purchase an auto, home or farm policy from Farm Bureau Financial Services, they also purchase a Farm Bureau membership. And membership has its rewards. For an annual fee, members not only receive access to Farm Bureau Financial Services' products and services, they also enjoy discounts on travel, entertainment, vehicles and so much more. Whether your client lives on a farm or in the city, their Farm Bureau membership can help save money on products and services they use.

We're proud to be a service to members'-organization and believe it's just one more reason why being a Farm Bureau insurance agent is the one of the best small business opportunities around.


Our Insurance and Financial Products

The needs of our clients are as diverse as the clients themselves. That’s why we offer comprehensive and customizable coverage. Farm Bureau agents meet their clients’ needs at any stage of life with a unique combination of coverage.

Life Insurance and Financial Products

As an agent, you’ll get to know your clients and will be able to recommend any of our 13 different life insurance products to fulfill their needs.

Farm and Ranch Insurance

Farm Bureau Financial Services is a company founded by farmers so we’ve long understood the unique needs of farm, ranch and commercial ag operations. Today, we’re the No. 1 ag insurer in our territory1, delivering smarter insurance for agriculture®.

Property-Casualty Insurance

When it comes to protecting families and their belongings, we offer more than 20 types of property coverage, including everything from family SUVs to apartments to estates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

Are you interested in becoming an insurance agent, but unsure where to start? Learn more about the requirements to become an agent, how long it takes and more common questions.

1 2016 SNL P&C Group – Farm Bureau Property & Casualty Insurance Company and Western Agricultural Insurance Company direct written premium.

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