Becoming an Insurance Agent: How to Start the Process

July 08, 2021

Are you looking to become an insurance agent, but you’re not sure how to get started? Just like any new professional opportunity, it’s important to understand every step of the process and to know that you’ll have the support you need to be successful. At Farm Bureau, we set our new agents up for success with a comprehensive insurance agent onboarding process to make sure we’re a great fit for each other. Check out our step-by-step process to becoming an insurance agent at Farm Bureau.

Getting Started

Becoming an insurance agent is about much more than sales — it’s about building relationships and helping people protect what’s most important to them. If you want to run your own business and positively impact your community, Farm Bureau Financial Services can help you achieve that goal.

We make the transition to becoming an insurance agent as simple as possible by providing plenty of assistance and giving you materials that help you accomplish your goals. Your Agency Manager will be your primary contact for helpful resources and tips. Even after you’ve become a contracted insurance agent, Farm Bureau provides educational information and training classes.

Starting your own insurance business is not a decision that should be taken lightly. That’s why Farm Bureau offers the Developing Agent Program so you can test your skills before you commit. We let you dip your toes in the insurance industry for up to four months while we determine together if it’s the right step for you. During this period, you don’t have to quit your current job. You’ll set your own work schedule while you learn the ins and outs of running your own insurance business.

Complete the Online Candidate Information Form

If you think you’d like to start the process of becoming a Farm Bureau insurance agent, your first step is to complete our online candidate information form. Next, you’ll take part in a series of interviews to start planning how you will succeed as an insurance agent.

A Strategic Focus

During your first interview, we will review your resume and talk about your previous experiences that have prepared you to be a business owner. No matter what your previous profession was, we think you’ll find that you have skills that can easily transfer to being an insurance agent. We’ll also talk about what Farm Bureau means to you and why you think Farm Bureau is the right fit.

You’ll leave the meeting with informational materials that will help you as you decide whether you’d like to continue the process of becoming an agent. Potential new agents will also be asked to complete an online sales profile and background check after receiving an email that asks the following questions:

  • Why me?
  • Why Farm Bureau?
  • Why now?

Key Person and Commitment

To complete the interview process, you will develop a timeline that sets a target contract date to commit to Farm Bureau. Your Agency Manager will meet with you and your key person, such as a family member, to answer your questions and help you get registered for the required courses:

  • Property/Casualty
  • Life/Accident/Health
  • Series 6 and 63 (Optional)

Next Steps

After going through the interview process and earning your licenses, you’ll begin the Agent Development Program in which you’ll get to continue your educational courses and apply what you’ve learned to real potential client meetings. Farm Bureau wants to make sure you’re following an effective sales approach, so we’ll be by your side every step of the way. At this stage, your Agency Manager will be your best resource for information and assistance with potential clients. 

During the Agent Development Program, you’ll work toward sales goals for various insurance products. Meeting these expectations will help set the foundation for a thriving insurance business for years to come.

Final Steps

Once you’ve successfully completed the Agent Development program, you’ll take the final steps to becoming a contracted agent. Your Agency Manager will continue to work with you to further your professional development and set up a customized transition plan. This should be a smooth change since you’ve gotten some valuable, on-the-job practice during the last four months.

When you become an insurance agent, you’ll develop a business marketing plan, set up an office space and handle all of the details of a new business. You’ll become part of the New Agent Assistance Program, strive to achieve professional goals and start earning commission. Here’s what you can expect in the first 90 days.

Take the First Step

If you’re ready to take the leap toward a new, rewarding professional opportunity and to be a part of a team that supports you, Farm Bureau wants to help. Through our training program, you’ll learn the skills you need to build a prosperous business before getting started, with the flexibility to keep your current job. Contact us to get started.