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5 Reasons To Love Being Your Own Boss

When you become an insurance agent at Farm Bureau, you’ll get to run your own business while receiving the support you need. What can you look forward to as you become your own boss? Here are five perks of being your own boss as an insurance agent at Farm Bureau.  

5 Perks of Being Your Own Boss

1. You’ll Have Leadership Opportunities

Running your own business comes with lots of leadership opportunities. You'll have the opportunity to lead yourself and your business, but you’ll also lead a team of people. As such, your team will come to you for advice, recommendations, and to ask questions about business and processes, giving you the chance to guide them, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and develop a winning team. 

2. You Can Build Your Business Based on Your Values

Becoming an insurance agent means you can run your business to match your values and core beliefs. As the face of your insurance business, you get to decide how to communicate your passion for protecting your clients’ livelihoods and futures. Many of our agents  get involved in community activities while running a successful business.

3. There’s No Limit to Your Professional Growth

As the boss of your business and an insurance agent, it’s up to you to set yourself up for growth and success, and the sky's the limit. By setting realistic goals for yourself and taking steps to attain them, you can grow as a professional.

Farm Bureau provides additional training, marketing materials and support options to help you achieve your professional goals. After you complete our Developing Agent Program, you’ll have a team of professionals to help you, including your agency manager and your sales coach

4. You Can Create Your Own Work Style

One perk of being your own boss is you get to find a rhythm that works best for you. Becoming an insurance agent is hard work, but it is a very rewarding profession. You’ll need to put in long hours and focus on building your business, especially at the beginning. 

Although it’s hard work, your schedule and business process is flexible, which means you don’t have to miss important family activities. Whether you like performing your tasks in a certain order or jumping from one assignment to the next, you can run your business in a way that makes you comfortable. 

5. You’ll Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

As your own boss, you’ll learn resilience and self-discipline as you grow your business and lead your team. Some of your business decisions may not be easy and you’ll make mistakes, but learning from your mistakes and pushing forward is how you’ll learn to run a successful business.

How to Succeed as Your Own Boss and an Insurance Agent

When you become an insurance agent, you have to use your strengths to optimize performance. Here are a few steps you can take to succeed as your own boss:

  • Set goals and milestones. If you’re not thinking ahead and giving yourself specific objectives, you can’t track your progress. It’s important to set goals that are attainable, but challenging. When you reach your target, you’ll gain the confidence you need to achieve the next goal.
  • Learn from your agency manager. As a new Farm Bureau agent, you'll have an agency manager you can turn to for questions and advice. 
  • Network and get involved in the community. As a local agent, being a figure in your community can help your business. Some of our most successful agents volunteer at local organizations or help with school and community functions. This gives them an opportunity to network with new people and meet a wide range of individuals in their community. Plus, supporting local efforts shows potential clients how much you care about the community. 

Be Your Own Boss With Farm Bureau

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want a chance to be your own boss, try becoming an insurance agent. Farm Bureau gives you the tools you need to succeed, starting with our Developing Agent Program. Plus, you can test your skills at being an insurance agent without quitting your current job and decide if it’s the right path for you. Get started today!

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