10 Signs You Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

October 13, 2021

If you’re a natural leader who’s looking for a new challenge, consider becoming your own boss. Some of our most successful agents demonstrate the same entrepreneurial spirit that lets them work independently and efficiently. Having the drive and enthusiasm to push yourself to take on new opportunities and help others is exactly what you need to become a successful insurance agent.

Farm Bureau’s agents come from a variety of backgrounds, including teaching, sales, agriculture and business. If you take a look at some of our current insurance agents, you’ll notice a theme that they are all committed to helping the people they care about. As we highlight some of our agents that have successfully built their own businesses, ask yourself if you possess the traits that make you an optimal candidate to become an insurance agent at Farm Bureau.

1. You’re a Natural Leader

If you think of yourself as an entrepreneur, taking charge of a tough situation is something that comes naturally to you. This is an important skill for insurance agents to have since you will need to be ready to act when the unexpected happens and when people need you the most. If taking the lead of a situation is something you thrive on, you should consider becoming an insurance agent.

2. You’re Resourceful

Are you quick on your feet? The most successful entrepreneurs are resourceful and are able to come up with solutions when life throws a curveball. Any entrepreneur will tell you that running your own business takes creativity and quick thinking. Agent McKennan Hansen does a great job finding the insurance coverage her clients need based on their unique situations. McKennan cares a lot about helping the people within her community be protected from disaster, so she uses her skills to assist them by finding the right type of coverage.

3. You Have Ideas

If you’re already part of a business setting, you’ve probably imagined how you would run your own business. When you find yourself thinking of new ideas for how you would improve current practices, it means you have an entrepreneurial spirit. You would excel in a professional opportunity that lets you build your own team to work towards making your business effective.

4. You Constantly Learn and Grow

Working hard in the insurance industry leads to options to move up the corporate ladder. With new service offerings and more positions becoming available in years to come, this could be time to look into starting your own insurance business. That’s exactly why Beau Jackson made the switch. After years as an ag teacher, he wanted to use his agriculture knowledge and grow his business and entrepreneurial skills as an insurance agent. His knowledge and passion for helping his friends, family and neighbors made Beau a perfect fit.

5. You Take Action

Tragedy could strike at any moment. Whether it’s a major natural disaster, an accident or the death of a friend or family member, this is when your community members will need you the most. If you’re the type of person who can be level-headed and ready to step into action when the unexpected happens, then the insurance business is a good fit for you. Serving others is second nature to Farm Bureau agents. The willingness to help and be a part of the community is often what makes a successful insurance agent.

6. You Bounce Back Quickly

With a new business, there are inevitably going to be setbacks. The top entrepreneurs don’t let mishaps get in the way of their goals. Having the persistence to push through tough times is exactly what it takes to be a successful insurance agent. It’s your job to help community members through unexpected hardship and be there for your client/members when they need you most.

7. You're Motivated by Challenges

You’re willing to put in the work it takes to surpass your goals and grow your business. The enthusiasm and dedication to help individuals and families protect their livelihood are what makes Farm Bureau insurance agents like Brian Bruce trusted in their communities. Brian has a competitive nature that makes him ready to embrace any challenge that comes his way. This motivation comes in handy when it comes to recruiting new clients and helping families file claims for a negative situation.

8. You Like Being in Charge

Becoming an insurance agent gives you the independence and flexibility to start a new business. From managing a team to implementing values that are important to you, you can find a lot to love about being your own boss. If you’re looking for more opportunities to take charge while helping others, it’s worth your time to consider becoming a Farm Bureau insurance agent.

9. You’re a Problem Solver

Are you the person your friends go to when they need advice? Put your skills to work resolving problems in the community or recommending the best fit to cover a family’s insurance. Farm Bureau insurance agents use their personal experience and knowledge of our product offerings to do this every day. We know the details matter, and by building connections with clients and answering questions about their coverage, the right solutions will follow. Find out how you can make a difference in your community by getting started with Farm Bureau. 

10. You Take Risks

Part of starting your own business is taking a chance on yourself, which is why a risk-taking nature is a common trait of entrepreneurs. While she admits it required taking a leap of faith, Nikki Schaal knew she possessed the skills and the drive to succeed on her own. Although she was doing well at her current position, she decided to take a chance and make the switch to help others. Like Nikki, many new business owners are willing to take the risk because they believe in their ability to succeed.


If You've Got the Skills, Get Started with the Developing Agent Program

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a business mindset, there’s no doubt you’d be a great candidate for Farm Bureau. If you’re ready to give this opportunity a shot but you’re not sure how to be an insurance agent, you’ll discover that we make it easy to make the switch. Before leaving your current business position, you can test the waters as an agent.

During our Developing Agent Program, you can experience what it’s like to become an insurance agent and learn the basics of the industry. We’re by your side to assist you every step of the way.

Once you complete the program and we’re both ready to move forward with this partnership, Farm Bureau will support you in all your business efforts. We give you the tools and materials you need to succeed, and your earning potential can be unlimited. Although it can be difficult at first to start building relationships, our team will be there to assist along the way.

Utilize Your Entrepreneurial Skills at Farm Bureau 

At Farm Bureau, we’re always looking for passionate, driven individuals with a business mindset to join our team. If you possess the natural skills of a successful entrepreneur, becoming an insurance agent and running your own business could be a great opportunity for you. Learn how to be an insurance agent and get started today!