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10 Signs You Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

If you’re a natural leader who’s looking for a new challenge, consider becoming your own boss. Some of our most successful agents have that same entrepreneurial spirit that lets them work independently and efficiently. Having the drive and enthusiasm to push yourself to take on new opportunities is exactly what you need to become a successful insurance agent. Find out if you possess more traits that would make you an optimal Farm Bureau insurance agent.

Farm Bureau agents are resourceful

1. You’re Resourceful

Are you quick on your feet? The most successful entrepreneurs are resourceful and are able to come up with solutions when life throws you a curveball. Any entrepreneur will tell you that running your own business takes a bit of creativity and quick thinking.

Farm Bureau agents don't hesitate

2. You Don’t Hesitate to Take Action

Tragedy could strike at any moment. Whether it’s a major natural disaster, an accident or the death of a friend or family member, this is when your community members will need you the most. If you’re the type of person who can be level-headed and ready to step into action when the unexpected happens, then the insurance business is a good fit for you.

The willingness to help and be a part of the community is what makes a prosperous insurance agent. Serving others is second nature to Farm Bureau agents. Communities trust that their insurance agent will be there to provide solutions that can protect them in a time of need.

Farm Bureau agents take risks

3. You Take Risks

Part of starting your own business is taking a chance on yourself, which is why a slight risk-taking nature is a common trait of entrepreneurs. New business owners are willing to take the risk because they believe in their ability to succeed.

With Farm Bureau, we believe in you too, which is why we provide you with the materials you need to jumpstart your insurance business. Farm Bureau provides training courses and marketing materials to insurance agents that help them advertise their new businesses in their communities.

With our Agent Development Program, you can test out what it’s like to be an insurance agent and learn the basics without quitting your day job. We’re by your side to assist you every step of the way.

Farm Bureau agents like a challenge

4. You’re Motivated by Challenges

You’re not intimidated by a challenge, and you’re willing to put in the work it takes to surpass your goals and grow your business. The enthusiasm and dedication to help individuals and families protect their livelihood are what makes Farm Bureau insurance agents trusted in their communities, and these characteristics are what make this opportunity a good fit for entrepreneurs.

Farm Bureau agents bounce back quickly

5. You Bounce Back Quickly

With a new business, there are inevitably going to be setbacks. The top entrepreneurs don’t let mishaps get in the way of their goals. Having the persistence to push through tough times is exactly what it means to be a successful insurance agent. It’s your job to help community members through unexpected hardship and be there for your client/members when they need you most.

Farm Bureau agents like to take charge

6. You Like to Be in Charge

If you’re looking to be your own boss, becoming an insurance agent gives you the independence and flexibility to start a great business. You can set your own schedule and build a team to help you succeed. If you’re not satisfied with your current job or are looking for more opportunities to take charge, it’s worth your time to look into becoming a Farm Bureau insurance agent.

Farm Bureau agents run their own business

7. You Imagine How You Would Do Things If You Owned Your Own Business

In the past, you’ve imagined how you would run your own business. If you often find yourself thinking of new ideas for how you would improve things, you have an entrepreneurial spirit. You would excel in a professional opportunity that lets you build your own team to work towards making your business effective.

Farm Bureau agents are natural leaders

8. You’re a Natural Leader

Taking charge of a tough situation is something that comes naturally to you. This is an important skill for insurance agents to have since you will need to be ready to act when the unexpected happens. You’re ready to act when something unpredictable occurs and are ready to help when people need you the most.

Farm Bureau agents look for opportunities

9. You’re Constantly Looking for Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Working hard in the insurance industry leads to plenty of options to move up the corporate ladder. With new service offerings and more positions becoming available in years to come, this could be your chance to join a growing industry. If you’re looking for bigger opportunities and want to take control of your career, look into the advantages of starting your own insurance business.

Farm Bureau agents solve problems

10. You’re Always Looking for Ways to Solve Problems

Do you find yourself being the person your friends go to when they need helpful advice? Using your skills to resolve problems in the community or recommending the best fit to cover a family’s needs would be the perfect way to use your problem-fighting powers for good.

Become a Farm Bureau Agent

Utilize Your Entrepreneurial Spirit at Farm Bureau

At Farm Bureau, we’re always looking for passionate, driven individuals to join our team. If you possess the natural skills of a successful entrepreneur, becoming an insurance agent could be a great fit for you. Learn how you can get started today!

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