How to Grow Your Insurance Business: Support from Farm Bureau

July 12, 2022

A lot goes into starting your own business, and when you decide to become an insurance agent, there's a lot to learn. That’s why Farm Bureau Financial Services provides new agents countless avenues for support when they’re building their insurance business from the ground up.

With Farm Bureau, you won’t have to stress about every detail as you grow your insurance business because we’ll help you through it. We want you to focus on what matters most—protecting your clients’ livelihoods and futures. From the day you start and for years to come, our team of professionals will be by your side. 

Financial Support for New Agents

Along with the commission you’ll receive from selling insurance, our Developing Agent Program also pays agents for completing sales goals. This is our way of helping you settle into the insurance industry and hit the ground running.

Did you know that on average, a first-year Farm Bureau agent makes 49 percent* more than other insurance agents? Because our agents provide multiple lines of insurance, there is a potential to earn more by being able to help clients with a variety of insurance needs—auto, home, life and more. 

District Managers Provide One-On-One Assistance

As a business owner who is responsible for helping clients plan for and protect their futures, it’s important to have a professional mentor who can help you through situations. As a Farm Bureau agent, your District Manager will be there to answer any questions or provide additional resources you might need. Forming a great relationship with a mentor not only lets you get to know more people within the insurance industry, but it also allows you to always to have someone to turn to when you’re in need of advice.

Personalized Agent Website

We provide a personalized website to each of our insurance agents to help your potential clients learn more about you and the insurance products you offer. This website is a great opportunity to showcase your involvement in the community, highlighting how you are helping others. After all, being a successful insurance agent revolves around helping your friends and neighbors.

Another reason to start a website with a personal agent profile is because many consumers search for insurance options online before reaching out for more information. If you have a website, you’ll have all the information potential clients are looking for. Be sure to include these top 5 things insurance agents should put on their website:

  • Elevator pitch
  • Quality content
  • Examples of your work
  • Testimonials
  • Contact information 

Ongoing Training for Continual Support

As a new agent, your District Manager will be your main source of new information, but we have many other ongoing training options as well. When you join Farm Bureau, you will always know the latest trends in the insurance industry and stay up to date with important information.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned agent, there’s always an opportunity for you to learn something new at Farm Bureau. We provide our insurance agents with online learning courses and in-person training opportunities to help you take the next step in growing your business.

Join an Encouraging Team That Wants to Help You Succeed

When you combine our financial, marketing and training support and your hard work, you will have all the tools you need to grow a successful insurance business at Farm Bureau. If you want the freedom and support you need to succeed, consider joining the team!  Connect with us learn more about the endless opportunities.



*The average first year compensation at Farm Bureau was $53,572 in 2021 compared to an industry average of $36,000 for agents in their first four years at other companies.