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How to Become a Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

Becoming a Farm Bureau insurance agent isn’t just about selling insurance, it’s also an opportunity to be a leader in your community. Your clients won’t be just a name on a policy; you’ll build personal relationships with them. And you’ll help friends and family safeguard their livelihoods and futures. Plus, it’s a unique way to start your own business. There are no franchise fees and you’ll be able to chart your own professional path.

Beginning a new professional venture as a business owner can be intimidating, but with Farm Bureau’s Developing Agent Program, you don’t have to do it alone. If you want to learn how to become a Farm Bureau agent, just follow our step-by-step guide.

What Is the Developing Agent Program?

If you’re looking to test the waters as a Farm Bureau insurance agent, the Developing Agent Program is the perfect opportunity for you. The program teaches you how to be an agent and build your business, all while you keep your current job. The program can last from 1-3 months, but the length varies depending on the time it takes you to complete the requirements. You’ll start with selling auto, home and life insurance; setting sales appointments; and familiarizing yourself with life as a full-time agent where you set your own schedule.

As you start meeting specific goals, you gain honest insight into the expectations, challenges and commitment of being a Farm Bureau agent. Once you’ve completed the program, you and Farm Bureau decide together if becoming a full-time agent is the right fit for you.

The top benefits of joining the Developing Agent Program include:

  1. You will work around your current job schedule. While keeping your current day job, you can try the program to see if being an insurance agent is right for you.
  2. You’ll make commission from your insurance sales. The program offers real-time business experience with actual earning potential. You’ll earn commission on the insurance products you sell and have unlimited income potential. 
  3. There are no franchise fees. Unlike many other small business opportunities, there are no franchise fees or long-term financial commitments. 

Before You Start the Developing Agent Program

Before you begin the Developing Agent Program, you need to:

  • Get your property-casualty and life insurance agent licenses.
  • Pass a background check with Farm Bureau.
  • Complete interviews with Farm Bureau. 

The Developing Agent Program: Step by Step

During the program, you develop skills that will guide you through the beginning stages of running your own business. Here are the steps of the Developing Agent Program.

1. Participate in Online and In-class Training

Throughout the program, you will participate in online and in-person educational training. Online training allows you to work at the time and location that is convenient for you.

2. Participate in Training

During the Developing Agent Program, you will receive hands-on training led by trainers and experienced agents who have been in your shoes. During the training you will:

  • Learn the basics of the sales process, Farm Bureau insurance products and the insurance business.
  • Develop the business and sales skills you need to help you land clients.
  • Learn how to manage your time as a business owner.

3. Schedule Meetings with Prospective Clients

You will partner with a mentor who will help you schedule meetings with potential clients. They will show you how to you arrange sales appointments and what life looks like as a successful full-time agent. You can feel confident knowing that a seasoned agent, manager or trainer will assist you through this joint-work approach.

4. Achieve Developing Agent Program Milestones 

There are specific milestones and accomplishments you need to achieve during the program to move forward to the next step of your insurance journey. You will be expected to meet the minimum sales requirements during the program.

5. Become a Contracted Agent

Once you complete the Developing Agent Program, you’re ready to become a contracted agent. We graduate agents from the Developing Agent Program to full-time agents every month, so you can start the application process any time of the year. 

The Next Step: The Contracted Agent Program

Once you successfully complete the Developing Agent Program, you will become a contracted agent. During your time in the Developing Agent Program, you will have built a strong foundation for success. This program will provide additional training and support as you begin to build your business as a full-time agent. Here are the steps of the Contracted Agent Program.

1. Complete Three Weeks of Additional Training 

These sessions are nine months apart, completed one week at a time. During the weeks that you are completing the Contracted Agent Program, you will come to the Farm Bureau home office. This training program gives you a holistic view of what it’s like to be a Farm Bureau agent.

2. Spend a Week With Agency Trainers and Peers 

You will work with your fellow insurance agents and agency trainers to learn the specifics of Farm Bureau’s insurance products and get advice about running your own business. You will learn from marketing coaches how to promote yourself to help you build your business. 

How Can You Become an Insurance Agent?

When considering taking the leap into a new professional opportunity, many people ask themselves, “Can I really do this?” With the Developing Agent Program, you can.

If you want to see what you can accomplish as a Farm Bureau insurance agent, click “Get Started” today!

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