Make Your Business Your Own

Your Farm Bureau Financial Services business is your business. From the moment you join our team, you can look forward to doing business in your hometown, on your own time and with your own personal touch. And while we provide the resources and support to launch you toward success, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to truly make the business your own. Following these key tips will help you get there.

With Your Client/Members

Farm Bureau agents truly value their client/members, and we know that the personal relationships you’ll build with your clients from your very first interactions will lay the foundation for long-term relationships — and we couldn’t be happier about that. It’s the reason we prioritize face-to-face communication and don’t offer insurance quotes online. Because we do business locally, our agents have the opportunity to get to know each client/member on an individual basis, customize their services and make a real difference in their lives.

In Your Community

Our Farm Bureau companies were founded more than 75 years ago to meet the needs of farmers. Today, our agents have the skillset and products to serve larger communities. That’s why — when you become a Farm Bureau agent — you take on a leadership role. As an insurance agency owner, you’ll be proud to serve your community through continued support and involvement with the local organizations that speak to your core values, your passions and your vision for how to make your community a safer and more enjoyable place to live and work.

With the Right Products

Farm Bureau client/members count on their agents to know the ins and outs of their insurance policies. And because your client/members will be entrusting you to protect some of their most personal matters, you need to offer personalized coverage. With more than 90 individual products to choose from, you can be confident that you have the right products to help each client/member meet their life goals. Plus, when you sell Farm Bureau insurance, your personal brand is synonymous with an industry leader — the No. 1 insurer of farm market share in our eight-state region and No. 2 in the United States.

Within the Industry

The insurance industry is always changing, and our client/members trust their Farm Bureau agents to stay on top of it. It’s the reason we invest in your ongoing education, training and professional development.

From the moment you open your business, you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of our product offerings, technology and proven sales techniques through a unique blend of online, classroom and mentor training. From there, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your industry passions and interests by attending focused seminars and training opportunities throughout the year. Your personal commitment to staying atop of current trends, topics and best practices means you’ll be able to provide your neighbors with the most up-to-date, customized customer service in the insurance industry.

Through Your Motivation

How you choose to personalize your Farm Bureau business boils down to who you are and what motivates you. Our agents are driven to do work that matters. They’re ready to make a difference in the lives of those they serve. They are energized by challenges. And they are willing to accept risk at the opportunity for reward. It’s these innate qualities that will truly allow you to meet your personal and professional goals while helping others achieve theirs.

Do Business Your Way

Farm Bureau is your business and joining the team means you can do business your way. Sounds like a good fit? Contact us to learn more about the perks of building your business with Farm Bureau.