7 Questions to Ask When Starting A Business

October 06, 2022

Maybe you’ve grown tired of working for someone else and want to become your own boss, or perhaps you’re looking for an opportunity that empowers your potential rather than stifles it. Either way, you’re ready to make an exciting leap toward a vibrant future as an agent with Farm Bureau Financial Services. Your first step? Knowing the questions to ask before becoming an insurance agent. 

Do I Have What It Takes to Become an Insurance Agent?

Your friends would describe you as high energy, self-motivated and entrepreneurial with the business acumen and people skills to back it up. You genuinely want to build relationships in your community and help your neighbors protect what matters most to them, and you aren’t afraid of taking risks for the sake of opportunity. If this sounds like you, then your passion and drive will create a solid foundation for success as a Farm Bureau agent. After all, who you are and what motivates you are the most important keys to success. 

Will I Earn Enough Money to Make a Living?

It’s only natural to have concerns about the financial risks of owning an insurance business. Rest assured, Farm Bureau agents enjoy competitive commissions earned from selling our full suite of products. In fact, on average, our first-year agents make 56% more than other salespeople. In addition to unlimited earning potential, our agents are eligible for cash bonuses and incentive travel to sought-after destinations — it’s just one more way we make sure your hard work is recognized and rewarded. 

What Upfront Costs Will I Have to Pay to Start an Insurance Business?

While there are costs associated with starting a business and becoming a Farm Bureau agent, we take pride in offering a low-cost start-up opportunity, especially compared to the typical upfront costs of starting a business from the ground up. You can expect initial expenses to include state licensing fees and office setup. However, our agents look at these minimal expenses as a small investment for big success. 

Will I Have to Work Around-the-Clock?

The simple answer is no. Farm Bureau agents enjoy the independence and flexibility to establish their own hours, work from home and choose with whom they want to work. While working in insurance sales offers a greater level of freedom compared to a typical 9-to-5 job, at times it may require a greater personal commitment of time and energy. Because you’re not just selling insurance — you’re providing a service to your community — the office may never be truly closed. 

Where Will I Find Clients?

Building clientele as a Farm Bureau agent means having an understanding of the unique and important role insurance plays in the lives of people in your community. It also means having the resources to help those people meet those needs, protect what matters most and prepare for the future. We understand that building your personal brand and growing your insurance business can be challenging. That’s why we provide the tools, resources, support and ongoing training necessary to succeed, so you can focus your efforts on cultivating, maintaining and growing a loyal client base within your community. 

What Are the Resources Available to Help Me Succeed?

When you sell Farm Bureau insurance, you are given a comprehensive, blended approach to development, which sets you on a course for success in a matter of months. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Earn commissions while training
  • Online and one-on-one training
  • Exclusive sales system
  • Turn-key marketing programs
  • Personalized agent web page
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
  • Sales support call center staffed by industry professionals
  • Customer service support with online claims reporting, e-payments and a wealth of information and tools on our company website 

Why Should I Trust Farm Bureau with My Business?

We have a 75-year history of going above and beyond to help our agents and communities achieve and protect important life goals. Combined with dedicated support resources, long-standing relationships with state Farm Bureau organizations and a solid reputation for doing what’s right for our customers, we believe you’ll agree that our agent business opportunity is second to none.

Make Your Dream a Reality

Becoming a Farm Bureau insurance agent is about leveraging our industry skills to kick-start your small business dream into a reality. To learn more about joining Farm Bureau, connect with a District Manager.