Meet Farm Bureau Agent Brian Bruce

November 01, 2017

We’d like you to meet Brian Bruce, a Farm Bureau agent based out of Kansas. Brian loves building relationships with members of his community as an agent, so we sat down and talked to him about what being a Farm Bureau insurance agent means to him. Learn more about Brian!

brian bruce

What made you decide to become a Farm Bureau insurance agent?

I had some past experience in sales and really enjoyed it. I’m also determined and enjoy a challenge, which are a couple of perfect qualities for a Farm Bureau agent. Along with those things, Scott Heyka, an agency manager, and Jim Dipoma, an assistant agency manager, inspired me to embrace this new chapter in my life.

What excites you about being a Farm Bureau agent?

I enjoy talking to people, and I get a sense of accomplishment when I can help them. Building relationships with my client/members and members of the community is how I make sure they are protected. I’m also competitive by nature, and I enjoy striving to do my best. That drive motivates me each day.

Fall is here! What are you enjoying most during this season?

I love when the weather changes and the hooded sweatshirts come back out. Grandpa Hal Bruce always said, “A hooded sweatshirt is the most useful clothing item you can own.” I took that advice to heart and have about 30 of them. Since I’m from Kansas, I’m also a huge Chiefs fan and enjoy watching football games during the fall season.

What was your dream job growing up?

My dream job growing up was to become a professional MLB or NFL sports broadcaster. I pursued that dream for 11 years, eventually announcing minor league baseball on the radio for the Kansas City T-Bones. The closest I ever came to commentating for the pros was turning in a demo and resume for the Royals broadcaster position that went to Rex Hudler! He’s the announcer for the Kansas City Royals and is one of my favorites in the business.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Without a doubt, my proudest moment was becoming a father. On 11/22/15, our daughter Daphne Bruce came into our lives. My wife Lindsey and I count our blessings each day for her.

What are some things you do to improve?

I put full effort into my schedule each day and try to be consistent. I believe that, over time, the people who consistently work at what they do are the ones who succeed. Also, I try my best to widen my network and put my name in front of people who are currently in need of a product that we offer at Farm Bureau Financial Services.

Do you have any advice for a new agent just starting out as an insurance agent?

My advice to those new to the business is to come in hungry and work your tail off. If you really want something and are willing to put in the necessary work, nothing can stop you from succeeding. In the insurance industry, you have to believe in yourself, be mentally tough and refuse to take “no” for an answer.

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