Meet Farm Bureau Agent Nikki Schaal

February 21, 2018

Meet Nikki Schaal, a Farm Bureau agent based out of Mesa, Arizona. Nikki chose to take a chance on her future and left her job to be an agent. We talked to her about becoming a Farm Bureau insurance agent, what helped the most when learning how to run her own business and what she thinks is the most rewarding part about being an agent. Find out more about Nikki!

What made you decide to become a Farm Bureau insurance agent?

It wasn’t an easy decision for me to switch paths to become an insurance agent - it was quite the leap of faith! I was doing well at my previous job but thought I’d be silly not to make the switch to Farm Bureau. My idea of being successful is to do what you say and stand true to the promises you make, and that’s exactly what we do at Farm Bureau! As an agent, I’m selling a promise, and having a company behind me to fulfill that promise is a huge part of my success.

What support did you receive when starting your new business?

The various systems that Farm Bureau offers make it much easier to manage my own business. Their help with marketing, client outreach and client retention makes my job of managing my day-to-day activities a breeze. These programs help with all of these extra tasks so I can focus on running my business.

Do you have advice for new agents looking to succeed?

Networking with other business owners and being involved in the community is extremely important. Showing others that you have a passion for what you do, your clients and the community you serve can really boost your credibility.

Staying committed to helping others is essential. You can’t necessarily do something once and expect to get a return on your efforts right away. Somebody may not see your article or ad at that moment because they’re just not in need of your services, but later on when somebody needs it, they’re going to think of you and your passion for helping others.

What do you enjoy most about being a Farm Bureau agent?

I am very dedicated to my position as a Farm Bureau insurance agent because I truly just want to help people! I don’t see my role as a sales position. We are committed to helping protect the livelihoods and futures of our community members because when something goes wrong in their world, we need to be there to help them put it back together.

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