5 Benefits of Working in the Insurance Industry

January 06, 2022

If you’re looking for your next professional opportunity, working in insurance might be a smart move. The industry is continuously growing, offering you the chance to try new things throughout the course of your profession. Best of all, agents are the people in their communities that client/members know they can rely on in times of need, which is pretty rewarding.

1. Business Security

Whether it is health insurance, life insurance or car insurance, the truth is that insurance will always be needed in people’s lives. This puts Farm Bureau insurance agents in a secure position, professionally speaking.

Farm Bureau understands that insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all arrangement. That’s why we’ve included a comprehensive suite of products and services in our insurance portfolio. This allows our agents to offer more options to client/members and determine a tailored plan that works best for their situation. Not only does this benefit the communities we serve, it also helps Farm Bureau agents provide well-rounded protection and coverage to the people they care about.

2. Meaningful Work

Many Farm Bureau agents choose insurance because they are passionate about helping client/members through difficult times. Agents find that it’s satisfying to be the person that families can rely on in those times when they need it most. Helping people is an integral part of being an insurance agent.

3. Advancement Opportunities

As an insurance agent, you’re a leader and the CEO of your own business. It’s a role that often requires wearing many hats — marketing guru, accountant, manager — and it’s one that yields rich opportunities for professional growth and development.

If you’re interested in becoming an insurance agent, consider joining Farm Bureau’s Developing Agent Program. It’s a chance for would-be agents to learn what it’s like to grow a business, giving you honest insights into the expectations and commitment necessary for success as an insurance agent. 

4. Lifelong Learning

As the insurance industry changes, it’s a priority for agents to stay up to date with the latest offerings and technologies. At Farm Bureau, we offer ongoing training and education to help our agents grow their businesses successfully.

Farm Bureau provides extensive and valuable resources because our mission is to give our communities the best insurance coverage as we can. When you become a part of our team, you’ll have the support you need to help your community.

5. Limitless Earnings

At Farm Bureau, our agents earn commissions on the products they sell. This means there is no cap on the amount of income an agent can make. The wide variety of products our agents sell allow them to help client/members at every life stage, further growing the earning potential for our insurance agents.

Additionally, Farm Bureau agents can qualify for cash awards from sales campaigns and incentive travel to popular vacation destinations.  

Become an Insurance Agent at Farm Bureau

There are many perks in the insurance industry, and Farm Bureau is leading the way. Learn more about our Farm Bureau agent opportunity.