Small Town, Big Impact: Meet Farm Bureau Agent Nick Wetzel

January 21, 2021

Nick Wetzel grew up on a farm south of Corning, Iowa, where his Farm Bureau agency is now located. Corning is a small town in what’s also the least populated county in the state of Iowa, and Nick takes his role in the community very seriously. That’s part of what attracted him to Farm Bureau.

“You have the opportunity to help a client in all aspects of their life,” he says. “That’s something my clients really like about Farm Bureau. They feel comfortable dealing with one person who knows everything about them.”

In his second year as an agent, Nick takes great pride in being there for his clients when they need him the most.

Why Farm Bureau?

“Growing up in Iowa, you know Farm Bureau. It’s the pinnacle of companies. And I love ag. So being able to attach what I love to a company that’s highly respected is a perfect fit.”

What Does a Typical Day Look Like for You?

“I like to get after it early, before other people figure out what type of coffee they’re having. My staff is like that, too, so we’re all in the office early. Throughout the day, I have a lot of client interaction. I also set aside time for study: reading or researching for 30 minutes.”

What’s the Biggest Misconception About Your Job? 

“It’s that insurance agents don’t care about their clients. I think people believe that they’re paying their premium each month, but when they really need us, nobody will be there. It’s quite the opposite. I put myself in a client’s shoes, and I live by the golden rule. If there’s an accident, or a fire, or a death, that’s when clients need you the most. They look to you for guidance. If you can provide that, you rise above the misconception.”

What Is Your Favorite Part of Your Job?

“The people, absolutely. I’m a people person. I love my clients, my staff and the Farm Bureau family — other agents and the team in Des Moines.”

What Have You Learned Along the Way?

“Be yourself. You don’t have to come in with a suit and tie and be formal. People want to feel comfortable. An example: We have these air horns that say ‘Insurance is fun. No, really, it is.’ Every person who signs up with us gets an air horn to honk. When they do, the rest of my staff hears it and then they honk their air horns. Everyone loves it! It’s fun and that’s me. So my advice is to be real and just have a conversation with people.”

What Makes Farm Bureau Unique in the Industry?

“You can structure your business the way you want to. You can hire staff, set goals and do what needs to be done to get there. But you do it all with the support of Farm Bureau. They set you up to work smarter, not harder. The opportunities as an agent here are whatever you want them to be. There’s no ceiling — the top is 100% wide open. It’s up to you.”  

What Are You Most Excited About in the Next Year?

“Continuing to help people understand insurance and how it can work for them. I have a glass board in my office. When people sit down with me and I ask questions about their life, their family, their assets, I say: ‘Throw it on the board!’ When we get done and they see it all on the board, along with the ways they might be exposed and how we can help protect their financial future, they’re wowed. I’ve had clients say that nobody has explained it that way before.”

Any Advice for New Agents?

“Keep a level head. You’re never as high as you think, but you’re also never as low as you think. You’ll have good days and bad days, and sometimes it’ll be a grind. But the grind is how you’ll learn to be successful. That’s where you’ll tailor your craft.”

Impacting Futures, Changing Lives

If you’re ready to make a difference in the lives of others, consider becoming a Farm Bureau agent. Let's talk about how you can get started today.