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The 12 Days of Becoming An Insurance Agent At Farm Bureau

The holidays are the perfect time to reflect on the past year and think about the new year to come. If you hope 2020 will bring you a new job opportunity, get a glimpse into what it would be like to get started as a Farm Bureau insurance agent!


On the First Day of Being a Farm Bureau Agent

On your first day, you will have successfully completed our Developing Agent Program, and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running! The Developing Agent Program allows you to test out what it’s like to be a Farm Bureau agent while still keeping your day job. The Developing Agent Program is recommended for all aspiring Farm Bureau insurance agents because it’s a great way to ensure being an agent is a good fit for you, and it provides support along the way to ensure your success.

On the Second Day of Becoming an Insurance Agent

You will have met with your Agency Manager, who will provide helpful guidance as you begin your new adventure as a Farm Bureau insurance agent. Starting a new job opportunity is a big transition, and Agency Managers offer encouragement, tips, and advice as you start your journey.

On the Third Day of Being an Agent with Farm Bureau

You will begin to use Farm Bureau marketing materials to promote yourself in your community. When it comes to promotional resources, you’re not on your own. Farm Bureau agents have access to the Marketing Toolkit, a one-stop shop for your local marketing and advertising needs to help you build your brand presence in your community. The Marketing Toolkit is just one of many Farm Bureau resources for new insurance agents.

On the Fourth Day of Becoming a Farm Bureau Agent

You’ll set up your own personal Farm Bureau agent website. At Farm Bureau, we’re committed to helping agents be as successful as possible, and having your own personal website will help you build your business and meet new customers. As you build your new site, read our tips for making your Farm Bureau agent website stand out:

  • Elevator Pitch. Tell people who you are, what you do and why they should work with you.
  • Quality Content. Your website should provide value to visitors. Start by posting interesting and informative articles from the Farm Bureau blog library.
  • Examples of Your Work Include some success stories — it’s okay to brag a little!
  • Testimonials. Share positive feedback from satisfied client/members you’ve been able to help.
  • Contact Information. Make sure people know how to reach you. It’s a good idea to include your email address, phone number, office address and social media handles.

On the Fifth Day of Being an Insurance Agent

You met with a Farm Bureau Financial Services client/member! It seems intimidating, but you’ll be well-equipped thanks to your extensive training during the Developing Agent Program. You’ll be gaining experience and confidence as you help protect the livelihoods and futures of your friends and neighbors. And you’ll have ongoing learning opportunities with Farm Bureau as you progress:

  • Online Courses
  • Classroom Training
  • Field Training
  • Agent Academies

On the Sixth Day of Your Farm Bureau Journey

As your experience grows, you’ll sign up for community networking events. Being part of a professional organization will help you stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in the insurance industry and what’s happening in the community.

One day, you may have the opportunity to speak at events or join an organizational committee or leadership team. At Farm Bureau, we encourage our agents to grow their leadership skills, and we see professional and community involvement as an important aspect of agents’ success.

On the Seventh Day of Being a Farm Bureau Agent

You sold a Farm Bureau policy to a family member. Your friends and family will be helpful contacts, providing referrals to help you build your client/members list. If you’re looking for more ways to build relationships as an insurance agent, try these community involvement opportunities:

  • Coach a local sports team.
  • Get involved with city council.
  • Shop locally and support local businesses.
  • Get involved within the school system.
  • Volunteer with local nonprofits.

On the Eighth Day of Becoming a Farm Bureau Agent

You’ll use social media to share news and articles from Farm Bureau. We like to provide valuable information for potential client/members about how they can protect what matters most to them. As an insurance agent, you can share the content to get the word out about our services and products!

On the Ninth Day of Becoming an Insurance Agent With Farm Bureau

You’ll begin to notice the perks of having a flexible work schedule, and you’re getting used to your new work-life balance. Becoming an insurance agent means having more independence, and that comes with both perks and risks. As a Farm Bureau insurance agent, you’ll be your own boss, but you’ll also benefit from Farm Bureau supports like your Agency Manager and a vast collection of other resources. Farm Bureau insurance agents enjoy many perks of owning a business:

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Freedom to run your business based on your values and priorities
  • Unlimited professional growth
  • Flexibility in your schedule
  • Opportunity to hire a great team

On the Tenth Day of Being a Farm Bureau Agent

You’ll volunteer in your community and meet new prospects. Donating your time to community organizations is an excellent way to meet new client/members and to show them you’re passionate about your community. Here are some ideas for local volunteer opportunities to look for:

  • Serve meals at a homeless shelter.
  • Sort donations at a food pantry.
  • Become a mentor for a child or teenager.
  • Help take care of cats and dogs at an animal shelter.

On the Eleventh Day of Being an Insurance Agent

You will receive your first referral from doing a Farm Bureau SuperCheck. When client/members get a SuperCheck, they may find gaps in their coverage due to life changes or other events they may have forgotten about. A Farm Bureau SuperCheck is an opportunity for agents to help client/members discover discounts and to make sure their insurance coverage is tailored to fit their personal needs and goals.

On the Twelfth Day of Being a Farm Bureau Agent

You feel confident about your knowledge of all of Farm Bureau’s products and services, and you’re able to provide the right solutions for client/members. As a Farm Bureau agent, you are the “go-to” insurance contact for your client/members. You have put in the time to learn about every product so that you can help provide the best solution for each individual customer.

When you have questions about Farm Bureau products and services, you can reach out to the Farm Bureau Just in Time team. The Just in Time team members are available as a resource for new agents, and their expert advice is just a phone call away! Just in Time representatives have an average of 20 years of insurance sales experience, so their advice is invaluable.

Beyond Becoming an Insurance Agent

If you’d like to learn more about how to become a Farm Bureau agent, check out our Developing Agent Program today! And the Developing Agent Program is just the beginning of your journey. From day one at Farm Bureau, you’ll have a positive impact on the lives of others, and we’ll be by your side every step of the way.