Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Job Seekers

Many will pledge to make major life changes in 2020. Some will vow to lose weight, eat healthier or save money, while others might resolve to take steps to secure a promotion, or perhaps, make a long-awaited career change. Do the following Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Job Seekers ring true to your personal and professional aspirations? Discover how becoming an agent with Farm Bureau Financial Services may help you meet and exceed your goals for the coming year.

Resolution #1: Identify goals.

Goal setting is essential in keeping New Year’s resolutions, and the same can be said about managing a career change. Ask yourself what you want out of a new job. Think beyond the work itself: is it the ability to be able to attend your child’s sporting event? To help your community members? Or to become your own boss and determine your own hours? The ideal Farm Bureau agent candidate is someone who is goal-oriented, wants to make a difference and enjoys the freedom and flexibility of running his or her own business.

Resolution #2: Make a plan.

Creating an action plan and having a written plan to meet these goals greatly increases your chances for success. Sticking to your resolutions involves prioritizing your list and not signing up for too much all at once. Farm Bureau will help you determine whether or not the opportunity is the right fit with a one-step-at-a-time approach. If it is, then we’ll work together to devise an action plan that works for you, without jeopardizing your financial security or sacrificing your current employment.

Resolution #3: Take a risk.

No risk, no reward. Some of the most exciting moves are oftentimes a result of hard work and a leap of faith. Our agents have the financial savings, entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen to make a small, upfront investment for a big, long-term return.

Resolution #4: Learn new skills.

When you become a Farm Bureau agent, training and education start at day one with a practical approach to learning that includes classroom sessions, online training and continuing education opportunities.

Resolution #5: Network more.

Networking is the best way to discover hidden opportunities and strengthen relationships within your community. Consider your next block party as an opportunity to get to know your neighbors. Use your next church potluck as a chance to speak with new members. And see your child’s next basketball game as a way to interact with fellow parents. Farm Bureau agents see every event as an opportunity to build relationships. Plus, being a part of our team invites additional opportunities to network with like-minded individuals both within your community and around the country.

Resolution #6: Develop a new skill set.

It’s never too late to try something new. Farm Bureau agents have innate qualities that set them up for success, but having an insurance background isn’t necessarily one of them. When you join our team, we’ll help you succeed by providing a foundation of success and assisting you as you develop new skills to stay on top of the industry and technology changes.

Resolution #7: Get more involved in the community.

Volunteering is an excellent way to give back to your community. If you choose to involve yourself with local projects, organizations and charities you value, you’ll show just how passionate you are. Because you see yourself as a community advocate, you’ll help Farm Bureau make communities more enjoyable places to live and work.

Resolution #8: Make time for play.

Reward your hard work by pursuing your personal passions. Making time for the things you love to do is important for staying fresh and ready to seize each new business opportunity. It’s the reason Farm Bureau allows for flexible scheduling, as well as cash bonuses and incentive travel, so you can keep doing the things that matter most to you.

Resolution #9: Never stop learning.

Never stop learning and adding to your knowledge base. Subscribe to a monthly publication, sign up for a class or attend a conference to grow your industry expertise. Doing so will demonstrate your willingness to learn, eagerness to improve and provide you with helpful insight into how to successfully navigate a career change.

Resolution #10: Find a mentor.

If you haven’t already, identify a mentor. Farm Bureau believes having a mentor will help guide your career while helping you grow from others’ experiences. It’s why we provide mentor support for new agents through one-on-one coaching, and encourage seasoned agents to continue the chain by helping others grow.

It can be easy to set big goals amidst the excitement of the New Year, but it will take ongoing support and focused resources to help see them through. Let us help you meet your top goals by applying to become a Farm Bureau insurance agent today.

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