No 'I' in Farm Bureau Agent

Becoming a Farm Bureau agent can be one of the most rewarding careers you may ever have. But did you know that Farm Bureau agents don’t become successful all alone? Behind every successful agent, there is a dedicated support team that helps them every step of the way.

How Does Farm Bureau Build a Support Team Around You?

When a qualified individual takes the first step to becoming a Farm Bureau agent, common questions often arise:

  • What does an insurance agent do?
  • What do I need when I become an insurance agent?
  • How do I become a successful insurance agent?

These questions, and many more, allow our agents to really dive into their role. But did you know they aren’t all by themselves? When you become a Farm Bureau agent, you have access to a dedicated team of professionals whose entire role is to make sure you have the tools and resources to succeed.

What Does a Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Do?

As an insurance agent, your main role is to reach out to the community and provide resources for individuals, families, and businesses allowing them to feel more financially secure in their everyday life. You provide a way for your client/members to take an active role in protecting their livelihoods and futures. From fender benders to house repairs, an unexpected death or retirement funding, our agents can help client/members during any of life’s moments.

What do I need to Become a Farm Bureau Insurance Agent?

A potential Farm Bureau agent needs a variety of ideal characteristics before they begin the journey. To help you succeed, you’ll need:

  • An entrepreneurial spirit
  • Business acumen 
  • Computer skills
  • High energy
  • The ability to learn 
  • A competitive nature

Bringing these skills to the table will set you on the path to success, but leveraging the support that Farm Bureau has to offer will make it even more possible. We’ll assist you financially when you start out, along with advertising and marketing support to gain recognition in the community, and constant advice and mentoring.

What Does it Take to be a Successful Farm Bureau Agent?

Our most successful agents work hard, but they also leverage their dedicated support team. This support team allows you to focus on your role.

Agency Managers

Your Agency Manager is your coach and mentor as you grow in your career. Offering you encouragement, advice, and access to the other members of the support team is one small part of your success. The Agency Manager is there to coach you through client/member meetings so you can master the skills necessary to retain existing client/members and attract prospects.

Just-In-Time Sales Team

Just as the Agency Manager helps you with the skills to onboard new clients/members, the Just-in-Time Sales Team is available to help you with any and all sales scenarios. They help put you in the best possible position to offer our wide variety of products to client/members.

Sales Coaches

Sales Coaches are your lifeline to all the internal marketing and advertising programs that Farm Bureau offers. They’ll keep you up-to-date on the best practices for advertising and marketing in your area, as well as provide advice on potential marketing plans you may be ready to run.

Sales Associates

While you’re busy running your business, you have the opportunity to have a Sales Associate(s) help you do the day-to-day tasks. Sales Associates are there to provide your client/members with customer support and help you grow and keep your business.

Commercial Marketing Underwriters

Selling commercial may seem daunting, but Commercial Marketing Underwriters can take some of that uneasiness away. Partnering with your Commercial Marketing Underwriter is a great way to build out your prospect list. Discuss the target market with them to better understand the risk associated with each business.

Ag Marketing Underwriters

Your Ag Marketing Underwriter’s primary job is to help you grow your book of business. They do this by helping you define prospects and markets; helping with quoting new commercial business; developing sales presentation ideas and promoting the cross-sell opportunities for new business that are available within your commercial book of business.

So, How do You Get Started and Become an Insurance Agent for FBFS?

Becoming a successful insurance agent is as much about hard work and dedication as it is leveraging your support team. To get started on your journey, visit our ‘Get Started Form’ and apply to become an agent today!