Steps to Becoming an Insurance Agent: Developing Agent Program

April 21, 2022

Why Is the Developing Agent Program Important?

Starting your own business is a big change that affects you, your family and your community. You’ll need to learn the ins and outs of working as a full-time insurance agent, which can be challenging, especially if you’re accustomed to a 9-to-5 job. We created the Developing Agent Program as a trial period for potential agents to learn the ropes. This training program helps you learn about managing client needs and teaches you about the products and services that Farm Bureau offers.

The Developing Agent Program provides a comprehensive network of resources and mentors and challenges you to learn through hands-on experience.

What Can I Expect in the Developing Agent Program?

The Developing Agent Program lasts 1-4 months, but you won’t have to leave your current position while you participate in the program. What if you decide becoming an insurance agent with Farm Bureau isn’t the right option for you? You’ll still gain valuable business experience, including what it’s like to run your own business.

Here’s what new agents can expect from the Developing Agent Program:

Hands-on Business Experience

The Developing Agent Program allows potential agents to experience the typical day-to-day life of a Farm Bureau agent. In this practical experience, you’ll actually meet with prospective clients, learn about Farm Bureau expectations and commitments and work toward sales goals.

Support from a Team That Wants You to Succeed

Becoming a Farm Bureau agent means you have a support system rooting for you. From the very beginning, you'll work closely with a District Manager who will act as your personal professional mentor. Your District Manager is your go-to for information about Farm Bureau offerings, insurance industry trends and even business-building tech resources. During the Developing Agent Program, your mentor will also let you know how you’re progressing and offer tips for success.

Opportunity to Earn Your Life and Property-Casualty Insurance Licenses

If you’re contracted as a full-time Farm Bureau agent, you’ll need to meet licensing requirements prior to participating in Developing Agent Program. Your District Manager will help you properly prepare for licensing requirements as you get started. The costs vary depending on your state, but licenses are often between $150 and $300.

A Flexible Schedule

When you’re testing the waters and learning how to become an agent with Farm Bureau, you can set your work schedule around your current job and prior commitments. And don’t worry, you’ll have the freedom to build your business in a way that fits you and your clients.

Opportunity to Earn Commission

We know you’re juggling two jobs, a family and your daily responsibilities. We want your developing agent training period to be as fruitful as possible, so you’ll be compensated for your efforts. When you join the Developing Agent Program, you’ll start earning commission for your sales, just like a contracted agent.

Honest Insights into Farm Bureau Agent Goals and Expectations

This interim program will showcase how you can thrive at Farm Bureau. We walk you through your first few months in the Developing Agent Program, but you’ll become more independent as you learn from your hands-on experience and your support team. Rest assured, Farm Bureau will still be there when you’re an agent to offer the support and training you need. 


Ready to Try It on for Size?

Start your own business by becoming an insurance agent at Farm Bureau! We’ll help you build the strong foundation you need to  serve your community and grow your business. Join our team to gain a support system and learn the skills you need to succeed.