How to Transition to Becoming an Insurance Agent

March 17, 2022

Making a professional change is not a decision to take lightly, but it’s one more Americans than ever are considering. In fact, about half of employees are interested in changing jobs, according to a 2021 survey from US Catalyst and CNBC.

Do you want to help more people in your community and run your own business with flexibility and autonomy? Becoming an insurance agent could be right for you. Farm Bureau understands that starting a new professional venture can be daunting, so we offer extra support to our new agents. Here’s how to get started in the insurance business — and a few things to consider before you make the switch. 

Determine Why You Want to Switch Professions

Maybe you’ve been unhappy or unfulfilled in your current position for a long time. Or perhaps you’ve recently had a feeling you’re meant for something different, something more. Are you experiencing any of these red flags?

  • You dread going to work.
  • You feel worn out.
  • Your work doesn’t match what you excel at.
  • You’re not engaged.
  • You’re not excited about your future.

You’re reading an article about switching professions, so we’re guessing the answer might be yes to at least one of these questions. It’s helpful to identify what you don’t like to determine what you want to prioritize for the future. For example, you might excel at developing relationships, but you’re isolated at your current job. 

Use Your Diverse Background to Your Advantage

If you don’t have experience in the insurance industry, don’t let that intimidate you. A background in insurance is not necessary to succeed. In fact, many of our Farm Bureau agents started in different positions, such as military service members, car sales, teachers, high school sports coaches, bankers and grocery store managers.

Effective insurance agents are able to leverage their varied backgrounds, prior experiences and leadership skills to find success. Chances are you worked with a team, managed projects and time, learned new technologies and built relationships with your coworkers and clients. If you’re willing to work hard to help your community and put in the time it takes to do well, becoming an insurance agent can be a simple transition for you. 

Understand the Top Traits of Successful Insurance Agents

Although many of our most successful insurance agents come from different backgrounds, they often share certain skills that help them thrive as Farm Bureau agents. We’re looking for go-getters that are competitive and passionate about their work. Successful insurance agents are also entrepreneurial, communicative and optimistic.

When considering a new professional opportunity, it’s important to determine what motivates you. If you genuinely want to protect your friends and neighbors, becoming an insurance agent could be a great fit. 

Start Your Insurance Business with the Right Intentions

Our agents’ priority is to help protect the people in their communities and what matters most to them. At Farm Bureau, we’re not just selling insurance policies to meet a quota—we’re working to protect our clients because we want to keep them safe when the unexpected strikes.

Three Steps to Becoming an Insurance Agent

Before you decide to jump into the insurance industry, make sure you have the necessary information to make the right choice. Being an insurance agent is a unique business opportunity, offering perks such as the ability to be your own boss and to create your own work schedule. To ensure a smooth transition, consider taking these steps. 

1. Research Insurance Agencies

If you want to learn how to be an insurance agent, start by researching potential insurance companies. Not all opportunities are the same. Some agencies charge franchise fees or have limited product offerings, which impacts an agent’s ability succeed. Others, like Farm Bureau, offer a range of products that can serve clients throughout every stage of life. That means Farm Bureau agents have more earning potential and are able to serve a wide variety of clients’ needs.  

2. Learn the Training Offered by Insurance Agencies

What training programs and support do your top insurance agencies offer? Farm Bureau offers both initial training for new agents and ongoing support for seasoned agents. We also provide marketing tools for agents to use as they grow their business in the years to come. Understanding the support and training options available to you will help you develop goals and create plans to help you succeed.


3. Determine the Licenses You Need as an Insurance Agent

Finally, it’s important to know which licenses you need. Make a plan for attaining the credentials you need to meet the necessary requirements.  

Start Making a Difference in Your Community

Becoming an insurance agent is an exciting business endeavor because you'll help those around you protect themselves and what they care about most. If you want to try it out and see if insurance is right for you, consider Farm Bureau’s Developing Agent Program. Our program for new agents lets you develop your skills and get first-hand experience without needing to leave your current job. After completing the program, the transition to a full-time agent is simple. Get started today to make a difference in your community.