10 Qualities Insurance Agents Need to Succeed

April 25, 2024

Are you thinking about becoming a Farm Bureau agent because you’re passionate about helping your friends and neighbors protect what is important to them? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to manage your own business? If you’re considering a change in your work, you’ll want to think about how to be a successful insurance agent. Most successful insurance agents share these qualities.

1. You’re Committed

Like any small business opportunity, starting out as a Farm Bureau agent takes commitment, hard work, time and effort.

But unlike many other small business opportunities, when you become an agent at Farm Bureau, you don’t have to pay any franchise fees or make any long-term financial commitments. That means you can get right to work learning the industry and growing your business. 

2. You’re Entrepreneurial

What makes a successful agent? An entrepreneurial spirit is one of the key traits. As a Farm Bureau agent, you need to have a vision for small business success and an appreciation for the company’s heritage. You’ll want to envision yourself building on Farm Bureau’s history to make your vision a reality. 

3. You’re Passionate

The more energy and enthusiasm you have for your job, the greater your opportunity to succeed. The reason is simple — when you love what you do, you get more fulfillment from helping people protect their families, livelihoods and futures. If you are passionate about the products and services you sell, you’ll truly understand how to meet the unique needs of your client/members

4. You’re a Good Communicator

People want to work with someone who they can have a conversation with and someone who they trust. At Farm Bureau, we don’t just sell insurance. We grow relationships within our communities.

To join our team, you’ll want to have strong communication skills. You’ll need to rely on them as you navigate important life topics with your client/members, and you deliver on the Farm Bureau promise of continuing these conversations as your client/members’ needs evolve. 

5. You’re Eager to Learn

As a successful Farm Bureau agent, you need to be willing to grow and expand your talents. When you become a Farm Bureau agent, hands-on training begins right away — including classroom sessions, online training and mentoring opportunities — and continues as you progress as an agent. Our Developing Agent Program gives you the tools you need to find success in the insurance industry from day one. 

6. You’re Flexible

Helping to protect your community isn’t always a 9-to-5 job. Your client/members will count on you to be there in their times of need, both day and night. As a successful agent, you know that selling insurance is more than just a job. You’re prepared to be on-call and ready to go when your products, services and support are needed most. 

7. You’re Organized

Farm Bureau offers more than 30 insurance products to meet client/members’ needs at any stage of life. That’s a lot to keep track of. As a successful Farm Bureau agent, you’ll do your homework and use the resources you have at your fingertips.

Being organized means you pay attention to details, return client/member calls and emails quickly and are on time for every appointment. Organizing your insurance operation makes you more productive, which helps you reach your business goals while helping protect your client/members' futures. 

8. You’re Connected With Your Community

Becoming a successful Farm Bureau agent requires building relationships and being an essential resource in your community. By making connections in your community, you have an inside view of your client/members' insurance needs. Community engagement gives you the opportunity to show the people around you what’s important to you and how you’re willing to do what you can to help them. 

9. You’re Versatile

At Farm Bureau, we take pride in being one of the first insurance companies to truly understand the needs of farmers during World War I. While our offerings and services have grown to serve people from all walks of life — rural, urban and in-between — many of our most successful agents find that having an agricultural background helps them better serve this niche marketplace and protect the livelihoods of our rural communities.

However, many agents who don’t have an ag history still thrive with us. That’s where versatility comes in. If you don’t have an ag background, you can commit to learning as much as you can about the communities you serve and the people who live there. The deeper you connect with the agricultural spirit, the more likely you will succeed. 

10. You’ve Built Skills in Other Fields

If you have a business and sales background and you’re ready to make a change, you may be in a good position to become an agent at Farm Bureau. We’ve found that agents who can draw on their past business experiences have the tools and skills to successfully grow their small business dreams.

As an agent, you are paid through commissions on the products you sell. So, the more business you write, the more you earn. Our commission scale is one of the best in the business, and you have a nearly unlimited opportunity to increase your income. 

Use Your Top Traits to Build Your Future

At Farm Bureau Financial Services, we are looking for people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to their communities. If you are dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate about sales and building long-term relationships, find out if becoming a Farm Bureau agent is right for you.