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Finding a Meaningful Opportunity: Becoming an Insurance Agent

Whether you’re a supporter of local businesses, you volunteer to help people in need or you strive to make a difference in your community, you are clearly motivated by a passion for helping others. These selfless characteristics are just some of the traits that could make you a perfect candidate to become an insurance agent. If these traits sound familiar to you and you’ve been searching for more opportunities to put them to use, becoming an insurance agent could be a great fit!

What’s Your Motivation?

Recent studies have shown that today’s workforce is driven by work that offers purpose and meaning in their lives. Most people have to search for volunteer opportunities outside of the office to fulfill this void, but our Farm Bureau agents know they are making a difference to the people in their communities every day.

From millennials to Generation Z, the most recent generations to enter the workforce find pride in devoting their time to organizations that support people and contribute to the community. The question is, how can you find a way to spend your days that lets you make a difference?

What it Means to Make an Impact

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Doing something meaningful that benefits another person is a great way to describe making a positive impact. You don’t necessarily expect to obtain anything in return, but knowing you did something for another person is enough to motivate you.

Another study found that when people see the impact they have on the recipient of their work, they are 17 times more likely to be passionate about their work. This could be why young professionals are searching for opportunities that let them make a difference and feel like they are contributing to the greater good, just like our Farm Bureau insurance agents.

When asked about what it means to be an insurance agent, our agents are quick to share experiences of helping those who needed a hand when life threw them a curveball. Whether you’re helping a farmer who has lost acres to a storm or a family who lost their home, every day agents are out in the community protecting their livelihoods and futures.

Our motivated insurance agents aren’t the only people lucky enough to spend their days helping people around them. Here’s some more examples of opportunities that make an impact:

  • Teachers, coaches and caregivers can make an incredible difference to the children they work with.
  • Everyone knows that the hard work farmers put into harvesting their crops has a huge impact on consumers.
  • Doctors and nurses influence their patients by the type of care they provide.
  • Public protectors like policemen, firefighters and EMTs have an impact on their communities by keeping the people around them safe.

As a Farm Bureau insurance agent, you get to help all of these people protect what matters most to them, too, which supports them in the good they are doing for your community.

Becoming an Insurance Agent Gives You an Opportunity to Make a Difference

Farm Bureau agents are committed to their communities

At Farm Bureau, our agents are not just focused on meeting a sales quota; they’re looking to be active and involved in their communities. To do this, Farm Bureau Financial Services gives them the support they need to influence more people. You’ll start off with our Agent Development Program to test whether becoming an insurance agent is the right professional path for you, and you’ll develop valuable skills that will help you succeed on your own. Once you’ve signed on as a full-time insurance agent, Farm Bureau will provide plenty of marketing tools and sales materials to help you grow your business. Additionally, you can always stay on top of your game with continuous training for new or seasoned agents.

Farm Bureau Agents Who Have a Positive Impact on Their Community

Meet our agents who have truly made a difference and played a vital role in helping their community members.

At Farm Bureau, we care about helping local farm operations. Shortly before a series of severe thunderstorms hit Nebraska in 2014, Brad Lundeen had a SuperCheck with his Farm Bureau agent, Red Hunt. With this plan, Brad didn’t have to worry when the storms damaged his farming equipment and the irrigation system that’s essential to producing his crops. Within a week of the storm, Brad has his farm up and running again with no loss in his crop yield!

Our agents are there for you when the unexpected happens. Kevin Anderson knows first-hand the importance of having life insurance. When he was young, his father unexpected passed away from cancer, but the life insurance policy Kevin’s father had was able to provide for their family in such a hard time. Kevin clearly remembers their insurance agent coming to their home during this tough time, and it inspired him to become a Farm Bureau agent, too!

Farm Bureau assists in rebuilding when disaster strikes. When an EF2 tornado hit the Brock family’s home in Delmont, South Dakota, they thought there was no hope for their substantial loss. They contacted their Farm Bureau agent, Pat Westendorf, and he was there with the family throughout the entire process of regaining their home. They got a check for their home, two vehicles and got coverage for what was inside. Read the full story!

Find a Meaningful Opportunity With Farm Bureau

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If you’re ready to commit to an opportunity that will inspire you and allow you to help others, consider becoming a Farm Bureau agent! Through our Agent Development Program, you’ll build upon the community-based characteristics you already have and learn more about the skills you need to build a successful business.


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