How to Build a Resume Employers Will Love

Did you know that, on average, recruiters spend 5 to 7 seconds looking at each candidate’s resume? That means you have only a few moments to catch your potential employer’s eye. Use this checklist to boost your resume and give recruiters a reason to take a closer look at you!

Make it Skimmable

With only a few seconds to grab your potential employer’s attention, one of the top ways to refresh your resume is to make it easily skimmable. Ideally, the recruiter will be able to pick up on key facts that will make you stand out in their mind. But how do you do it?

  • Mention your most valuable information first, and then work your way down to the lower priority items. Remember, you want to keep the recruiter interested and motivated to continue reading.
  • Use bullet points and bold headers to draw attention to important information. Readers have short attention spans, so bulleted lists will help them quickly skim and retain information.
  • Include keywords that the potential employer will be looking for, such as the critical skills and experience required for the position. Additionally, many large companies now use resume tracking software to sort through resumes by detecting specific keywords. 
  • Add a pop of color to help break up sections. Use horizontal lines or colored headings to indicate where one section ends and another begins. This will help recruiters quickly scan through your resume.

Include the Most Relevant Content and Experience

Even if you’ve been in the same job for a few years, you should still update your resume annually to reflect your new skills. If you’re applying for multiple jobs, take the time to customize your resume to reflect what each potential employer is looking for in an ideal candidate.

  • Be picky about what you put on your resume. Make sure you only include information that directly applies to the job you’re going for. Remember, you don’t have a lot of time to make an impression and irrelevant content isn’t necessary.
  • If you’re changing industries, you can still utilize the skills you’ve gained on your resume. Be creative and think about how what you’ve learned in your current career can help you on your new journey.
  • You’re not limited to including information about full-time employment. Do you also coach a local team? Do you participate on the school board? If so, you’ve likely gained some valuable skills that can be applied to various jobs in many industries. 

Describe Accomplishments, Not Responsibilities

Instead of simply listing your job description, focus on the accomplishments you’ve made while in that position. Explain how you have exceeded expectations and gone above and beyond. Now’s the time to brag and present your best professional self!

Use as many facts as possible. For example, if you met your goals, by what percent did you surpass them? If you led a team, how many people were on your team, and what was the outcome? These numbers will give hiring managers a clear idea of your skills and abilities and help them understand the benefit that you can provide for their organization.

Show Your Personal Interests and Passions

Today, company culture is a huge factor for employers. More and more companies hire by personality rather than just experience. Employers want to be sure they’re hiring individuals who will represent their organization’s values.

  • Don’t be afraid to include a section about who you are, your interests, and your values.
  • Talk about any volunteer experience to showcase your unique skills and your commitment to your community.
  • Are you part of a local professional organization? Do you organize networking events? These are all great additional items to include in your resume to show your personality and motivation!

Don’t Stop at Education

  • Your formal education isn’t the only thing to include when it comes to training. Include additional professional conferences you have been to or certifications you’ve obtained.
  • Awards are an excellent addition to any resume. They help display a candidate’s commitment to continuing to excel in their industry.

Include a Link to an Online Portfolio & Social Media Profiles

According to a recent survey, 93 percent of recruiters are likely to look at a candidate’s social media profile, so it’s important to make sure all of your accounts are professional. After you’ve reviewed your social media profiles, include the links on your resume. You want to make it easy for potential employers to learn more about you and your work. If you have an online portfolio or personal website, include this URL as well.

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