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4 Agriculture Careers That Prepare You For Being An Insurance Agent

Strong work ethic, dedication, community focus: these are a few words that describe those who work in the agriculture industry. From farmers to livestock ranchers, agriculture professionals are rooted in their communities. We look for similar traits in our new insurance agents, which is why many ag professionals have found success as insurance agents.

Agriculture professionals have the skills and industry knowledge that translates well to being a Farm Bureau Financial Services insurance agent. Whether you’re a farmer, have raised livestock, sold farm equipment or grew up in a farm family, your background likely makes you an excellent candidate to become an insurance agent with Farm Bureau. Read on to learn how your ag experience can lead to another opportunity that makes a difference in the lives of others.

Skills That Make Ag Industry Professionals Successful Insurance Agents

People that come from ag professions have often been serving their friends, neighbors and community members for years, which gives them a leg up when they decide to start their insurance business. But that’s not the only experience ag professionals bring to the table!

Ag Industry Knowledge

While each insurance agent at Farm Bureau takes the same required tests and courses to become licensed insurance agents, already having knowledge in the agriculture industry gives you a greater understanding of a large portion of our client base and their needs right away.


Ag professionals know how to follow-through and are ready to tackle any challenge. Those in the ag industry know what it takes to roll up their sleeves to get the work done efficiently. Our insurance agents with ag backgrounds are always there when needed by their communities they serve and understand the importance of being there when it matters most..

Pride in Helping Their Communities

Those in the ag industry take pride in what they do. Our insurance agents take pride in knowing that they have the opportunity each and every day to make an impact and help their local communities. Our insurance agents truly are able to serve others while running and operating their own business with Farm Bureau.

Both Come from a History of Farming

For 80 years, Farm Bureau has been an insurance industry leader, founded by farmers for farmers. From the start, we’ve been a company with agriculture roots which still holds true today. While we have expanded our insurance services to other realms, we’ve been there for farmers from the start.

Ag Careers That Lead to Successful Insurance Businesses

No matter which part of the agricultural industry you’re currently in or have been in, you’ll find that you have experience and knowledge that would translate well to the clients you’d serve as an agent. Having an ag industry background as a Farm Bureau insurance agent complements the financial knowledge you’ll gain through the ongoing training and certifications you’d get as an insurance agent.


Farmers cultivate land for the growth of crops to put food on our tables, gas in our cars and provide feed for livestock. They are self-reliant entrepreneurs who know the ins and outs of their profession and their communities they own land in. Farmers that go on to become insurance agents utilize their farming knowledge and entrepreneurial experience to say that they’ve truly been in the clients’ shoes and that they understand their needs having been a farmer.

Raising Livestock

livestock rancher & owner
If you have raised livestock, whether it be cattle, chickens, pigs or sheep, you’ll find that many of your clients as a Farm Bureau insurance agent do as well. Having the experience of having raised livestock yourself will translate well when serving customers and assisting them with coverage.

Farm Equipment Sales

If you have a background in farm equipment sales, you’re used to being on the frontlines of interacting with farmers already and have extensive farm equipment knowledge. You can take your sales experience and farming machine knowledge to demonstrate that you know your stuff and truly apply your knowledge to assist others.

Fertilizer and Seed Sales

If you’re in fertilizer and seed sales, you already have extensive knowledge about growing crops and cultivating land. You can utilize your sales experience and farming knowledge and help protect the livelihoods of the farmers in your community by becoming an insurance agent.

How Farm Bureau Agents Support Farmers

Farm Bureau was originally founded by farmers for farmers that need insurance solutions for their business, land and machinery. Farm Bureau is known for making insurance simple. Our insurance agents understand the needs of farmers and provide the highest-quality insurance solutions to protect what matters most. Whether farmers are looking for coverage for their homes, garage and contents, farm or ranch, structures on their farm or ranch, or liability protection, our agents are there to help.

Learn More About Becoming an Insurance Agent at Farm Bureau

If you’re looking to take your agriculture industry knowledge and seize an opportunity to make an impact in your community, consider becoming an insurance agent at Farm Bureau. Depending on your ag experience and background, you could earn up to $25,000 in new agent bonuses.¹ Learn more today! 

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¹ Additional criteria applies. The District Manager can provide additional information. The final determination of bonus eligibility is at the discretion of the Vice President of Agencies.