Your Support Team as a New Insurance Agent: Who's Who

May 03, 2022

District Managers

As a new agent, you can rely on the knowledge of a District Manager to help you transition to insurance sales on solid footing. Your district manager will be your biggest supporter — and act as a mentor — as you achieve success as a Farm Bureau agent. You can count on your district manager to help you build your business and be by your side the whole way. Count on them to provide advice about best practices, attend client and prospect appointments with you and answer any questions or concerns.

Veteran Agents

In every profession, it’s important to have advisors who’ll provide both feedback and inspiration. And who better to help you prosper as a new insurance agent than someone who has already successfully navigated your new path? Farm Bureau’s mentoring program connects you with a seasoned agent who will assist with client meetings and strategize solutions for traversing the road ahead.

Trainers and Marketing Coaches

Hands-on coaching starts on your first day as a Farm Bureau agent, and our award-winning training program offers practical education that will deliver assurance and confidence. As a new agent in training, you will have a seasoned agent, manager or training specialist through our joint work approach. Once you are a full-time agent, a marketing coach will keep you current on Farm Bureau marketing programs, materials and products. Your marketing coach will also help you build a strong marketing strategy for your business.

Agriculture and Commercial Marketing Underwriters

A marketing underwriter is someone with a solid understanding of insurance principles who can help you assess a client’s specific needs and make the best coverage decisions. To support your ag business, you’ll have access to a team of marketing underwriters with extensive backgrounds in agriculture and commercial business. An underwriter may attend appointments with you or offer long-distance consultation for servicing your accounts.

Just-in-Time Team

Have a question about which product to recommend to a client or which sales procedure to follow? The answer is just a phone call away. Members of the Just-in-Time team are sales professionals with an average of 20 years of experience, and they’re on-call to offer support and answers to your questions in any scenario.

Regional Financial Consultant

We recognize some clients have more complex needs than others. A Regional Financial Consultant develops customized goals and tactics that focus on more advanced life insurance and financial services strategies — helping you provide the best customer experience possible.

Wealth Management Advisors

Insurance is an important aspect of financial wellness, but it is only one piece. Wealth Management Advisors (WMAs) can help your client/members create a comprehensive financial plan. As an agent, you can work with a WMA to provide an integrated experience and build a team that’s focused on your client/members’ futures.

Regional Vice President

At Farm Bureau, you’ll have plenty of support to grow your skills and proficiency as an insurance agent. But you’ll also have the leadership to ensure you’re keeping up with industry standards and excellence. Your regional vice president will set and execute strategy to guide your state’s Farm Bureau agent businesses — including yours!

Join a Supportive Team

Join the team at Farm Bureau and tap into a supportive network that will help you succeed. Contact your local District Manager to learn more today.