Do You Have the Qualities of a Good Insurance Agent?

February 26, 2021

Farm Bureau insurance agents go above and beyond to support the communities they serve. Here, we outline what it takes to be an ideal Farm Bureau insurance agent candidate.


Put simply: To be a good insurance agent, you need to be one that your clients can count on. Client/members rely on you to be there when they need it most — and that doesn’t always fit into a 9 to 5 day. Respond to emails in a timely manner, follow up with members when they have questions, return voicemails, keep your appointments, and be on-call and ready to go.   


Protecting your client/members’ futures is no small matter. Client/members share personal information and discuss important life topics with you. A good insurance agent possesses the strong communication skills to navigate these conversations deftly. And because the ins and outs of insurance — the finer points of policy, for example, or the details of legal regulations — can be difficult to explain in everyday terms, clear communication is essential.


Strong communication skills and reliability will go a long way with your client/members, but you also need to make sure that you’re educated on the products, services and plans available. To be a good insurance agent, you should be able to present comprehensive offerings that can meet any and all member needs, as well as be able to understand the legal nuances and tax aspects of those options.   


Self-discipline is key to being a successful insurance agent. The role comes with a relative degree of professional independence. There’s freedom in that, but it also means that you’re the one at the helm of managing your time, organizing logistics, maintaining a schedule and being accountable to yourself and your client/members.


Motivation is more than just the desire to close deals; it’s being energized to help client/members secure their livelihoods and being passionate about what you do every day. When combined, that passion and energy drive good agents to exhaust every avenue to find members the best coverage, prospect for new clients, learn every aspect of different policies and stay upbeat during slow business spells.


Sincerity is the quality that helps you earn a client/member’s trust — it’s the building block to repeat business. There’s no need to omit details or distort facts with members. It only backfires in the long run. Instead, be upfront about options and give truthful feedback about the pros and cons of any plan you’re presenting. Client/members can tell when you’re being genuine and when you’re “selling.” Good insurance agents cultivate strong member relationships by truly caring about a client’s positive outcomes, considering their needs and making decisions with a client/member’s best interest top of mind.

A Perfect Match

If it sounds like you’re suited to be a Farm Bureau Financial Services agent, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to find out if becoming a Farm Bureau agent is the right fit.