Beyond the Investment: Launching a Career with Unlimited Potential

You’re an individual who turns risk into reward and opportunities into outcomes that truly make a difference for the community you serve; you’re excited by the prospect of building a business from the ground up; and you’re willing to make a financial investment that will serve as a foundation for your future success.
Sound like you? When you make a decision to become a Farm Bureau agent, we make a commitment to you. After minimal up-front costs, we’ll supply you with the education and support, resources and recognition to serve as the launching pad for a rewarding career with a big return on investment. 

New Agent Financing

Investing in us means we invest in you. We understand that starting a new career isn’t easy. That’s why we offer New Agent Financing during the first 5-8 years to help agents achieve financial success. Our developmental supplement program provides the groundwork for new agents to successfully meet property-casualty and life production milestones and take the next step towards future success.

competitive COMMISSIONS

Our agents earn competitive compensation which includes commission on the products they sell and residual income every time an existing client makes a premium payment. The principle is simple – the harder you work, the more you earn. It’s the reason the average first-year Farm Bureau agent makes 43 percent more than other sales representatives. With a comprehensive suite of products available to sell, there’s no limit on how much you can earn. 

Exceptional Company Support

Farm Bureau is dedicated to helping you grow your business, offering you professional training and exceptional company support, so you can focus on what truly matters most: building, selling and growing relationships within your community. Joining our team of insurance professionals means you gain access to customizable marketing tools, such as business cards, mailers and brochures, as well as your own personal web page and our on-call, Just-In-Time Sales Team to answer your questions. Its peace of mind that you are backed by the resources needed to grow your business and brand presence within the community you serve.

Continuing education

At Farm Bureau, we believe that a successful career in selling insurance is a journey, not a destination. From day one, our agents are equipped with practical, hands-on training and education that includes a blend of classroom sessions, online training and mentoring opportunities, paying for only for the associated travel expenses. Throughout their careers, our agents are invited to continue through a number of continuing education opportunities and invest in ongoing training and professional development seminars.


In addition to income from product sales, Farm Bureau agents have the opportunity to qualify for awards, gain membership to exclusive clubs, travel to sought-after destinations, including Hawaii, Spain and Italy, to name a few, as well as cash award earnings from sales campaigns. In fact, each year, on average, the top 15 percent of our agents earn up to $15,000 incentive awards. It’s our way of saying, ‘thank you’ for the hard work and contributions of our agents to encourage continued growth within the agency.
Farm Bureau is committed to your success, because after all, your success is our success. So when it comes to launching a successful career, we have the support, resources and reputation to get you there. Ready to get started? Apply to become a Farm Bureau agent today.