How to Support and Reach out to Small Businesses as an Insurance Agent

October 25, 2022

For small business owners, their business isn’t just a job — it’s their life. That’s why every year millions of Americans come together to support their local main street. In 2020, consumers spent $19.8 billion in just one day supporting local businesses. As a Farm Bureau agent who’s passionate about helping your local community, you may be asking yourself: How can I support my Small Business Saturday?

But first things first: What is Small Business Saturday? It began in 2010 as a day dedicated to shopping in your own community during the holiday season. It always takes place on the Saturday following Thanksgiving and is focused on helping small businesses gain exposure which, in turn, helps the local economy. For every $100 spent at a local business, $67 goes back into the community. So, when small businesses succeed, the whole community wins.

Small Business Saturday is also a great time for commercial insurance prospecting. They’ve worked tirelessly to build up their organizations — why not reach out to business owners to help them protect their livelihood?

Here’s how you can support small businesses in your community this holiday season and beyond. 

Become a Customer

This is perhaps the best way to prospect small business owners. Instead of choosing big brands, opt for a local florist and your neighborhood grocer. You’ll build your professional Rolodex while putting your money where your mouth is. When you’re ready to reach out, you won’t just be a Farm Bureau agent, you’ll be a regular.

Focus on Education

Business owners, even small ones, will see your lead generation tactics for what they are. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, they’re using direct mail and social media marketing themselves! Always focus on your role as a trusted resource, whether that’s at in-person seminars or your Facebook page. Educating (rather than hard selling) current and potential clients will establish you as a trusted resource.

Offer Employee Benefits for Local Businesses

Local business owners not only care about their business, but also the people who spend their lives working to make their businesses a success. Farm Bureau agents can help these owners establish benefits for themselves and their employees, such as retirement funding and health insurance coverage. 

Provide Commercial Insurance

Providing coverage for small businesses in your community is a big responsibility, so know that you’re not alone. At Farm Bureau, you have the opportunity to work with a commercial marketing underwriter to help you grow your business prospect list. You can also work with a marketing coach to help you:

  • Prepare your commercial marketing and prospecting plan
  • Develop strategies to reach out to small businesses effectively
  • Utilize a client management tool for tracking and following up to help meet your goals 

Help Small Businesses Succeed Every Day

As a Farm Bureau agent, you don’t just support small businesses on Small Business Saturday; you help them year-round. If you’re passionate about making a difference in your community, insurance could be right for you. Contact your local District Manager to learn more about becoming a Farm Bureau insurance agent.