Could Becoming an Insurance Agent Be the Answer to Your Burnout?

October 21, 2021

When’s the last time you woke up excited for the workday ahead? If you dread your day-to-day, burnout could be to blame. This type of work-related stress is more common than ever during the pandemic, when employees have been isolated and pushed for months to deliver better results with fewer resources. If you’re struggling, it could be time for a change.

When and How to Change Professions

One of the most effective routes to recovering from burnout is making a wholesale change in your professional life. That could mean anything from a new schedule to shifting industries altogether.

Some cases of burnout are relatively minor — something a nice vacation can alleviate. But you may be experiencing a deeper level of fatigue and dread surrounding your job. Mid-life burnout, in particular, can leave you feeling like all you can do is slog through each day until you can close your computer.

If you’re feeling that low, it’s time to consider a new profession. This can be tough when you’re already overwhelmed and drained. But consider how much your life could improve if you spent your days doing something fresh and fulfilling.

Wondering what to do when you want to change jobs? Before you make any big moves, write out your goals and your hopes. Talk with a trusted friend, spouse or partner, mentor or family member. Make a list of the skills you’ve honed throughout your professional life and update your resume. 

If any of these steps leave you feeling hopeful about the future, that’s a good sign you’re ready to move on. Now, let’s dive into three reasons the insurance field could be the right fit for you.

1. A Flexible Schedule Means Your Life Comes First

Does changing jobs help burnout? That depends. If you slide right into a job just like your current one, probably not — or at least not for long.

Read any of our interviews with insurance agents, and you’ll notice a theme: Working in insurance is appealing, in part, because of the unparalleled work-life balance. If you’re burned out, there’s a very good chance that balance doesn’t exist for you right now.

As an insurance agent, you set your own schedule. You are your own boss, meaning you can work when and how you like. Creating a successful business means you will have to work hard, of course, but when you do that is up to you.          

2. You’ll See Your Impact Every Single Day

Insurance is, at its heart, a people-first business. You will spend your days creating relationships, solving problems and helping your clients protect their businesses and personal lives. You’ll be surprised at the bonds you build as you shepherd your clients through difficult times and ensure their future protection.

3. You’re Surrounded by a Strong, Supportive Team

Getting a job after burnout is intimidating. Acclimating to a new team, a new role and maybe even a new industry can be tough. But at Farm Bureau, you’re not alone. Training starts from day one. You’ll start with the Developing Agent Program to help you hit the ground running. Farm Bureau offers other valuable resources to set you up for success, from a marketing toolkit to on-call support to resources to help you build your brand and book of business.

Flexibility & Support

As a Farm Bureau insurance agent, you’ll have the flexibility you crave — and the support you need — to be successful. Connect with us to learn more about becoming an agent.