Meet the Just-in-Time Team

February 02, 2023

Get to know our experienced team that helps agents learn crucial insurance sales concepts . Our sales support professionals field questions from agents and deliver proven strategies to increase insurance sales. Learn more about the team and how they help agents grow their insurance businesses.

The Just-in-Time Team Helps Agents Get Started

When new agents begin their professional journey at Farm Bureau, there’s a lot of new information to take in. Agents start with the basics in our Developing Agent Program, which helps them establish a firm foundation as they learn the products Farm Bureau offers and what sets us apart in the industry. Once agents complete this program and begin gaining prospects on their own, they can count on the Just -in Time support team for mentorship while determining appropriate solutions for each client’s specific needs. 

The Just-in-Time team knows there’s a learning curve when you get started in the insurance industry, and it can take some time to absorb all the valuable information new agents learn. If you’re feeling stuck, you have questions about specific policies or you can’t think of the best product to recommend, connect with the Just-in-Time team and a seasoned representative will help find solutions that benefit your clients.  

 The Just-in-Time Team Helps Agents Achieve Insurance Sales Goals

Our sales support team members are licensed, and most are also professionally credentialed.  We have 27 years of experience on average and more than 265 years of combined experience. Selected for their comprehensive knowledge on Farm Bureau policies and sales procedures, the Just-in-Time team is perfectly equipped to tackle any challenge an agent throws their way. Whether you’re looking for the best product recommendations for a client or you run into a unique life insurance sales situation, the Just-in-Time sales support team is ready to offer sales tools to new and seasoned Farm Bureau agents. 


Join a Team That Supports You at Farm Bureau

When you become an insurance agent at Farm Bureau, be assured that you’ll have a team of professionals behind you that are committed to your success. Along with the Just-in-Time team, you’ll have assistance from experienced mentors, marketing professionals and sales coaches who offer a full suite of proven insurance sales tools. If this opportunity sounds like the perfect fit for you, contact us to get started with Farm Bureau today!