Award-Winning Insurance Agent Training Program

Behind-the-Scenes: A Look at Our Award-Winning Insurance Agent Training

At Farm Bureau Financial Services, we never want our insurance agents to feel like they’re on their own. We know that a solid foundation of training and support helps agents serve their clients and protect their clients’ livelihoods and futures. That's why we’re happy to provide ongoing education programs as agents grow their businesses, not only when they’re getting started.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to insurance, which is why it’s critical for new insurance agents to learn every detail about our products and how they work together to protect clients. Agents also have a District Manager who provides support and is there to help answer questions each step of the way. When you decide to become an insurance agent with Farm Bureau, you’ll have the training you need to understand how to best serve your clients and grow a thriving insurance business.


Our Award-Winning Program

This year, we were proud to accept the 2019 Association for Talent Development (ATD) Excellence in Practice Award, which demonstrates our commitment to giving our insurance agents the support they need to accomplish their professional goals. The ATD recognizes organizations that use talent development as a strategic business tool. Read on to learn more about what sets our training apart from the rest!

Training to Become an Insurance Agent at Farm Bureau

Your Training Starts with the Developing Agent Program

Before you even become an insurance agent at Farm Bureau, we offer a training program so you can give being an agent a test run. We want to make sure this opportunity is the right fit for you, which is why potential insurance agents start with the Developing Agent Program, a four-month program for those considering becoming an insurance agent. In this program, you get to try out being an agent before leaving your current job.

During this time, you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of being an agent, including:

  • Details about our insurance products and our financial products
  • Valuable real-time business experience
  • You’ll earn your life and property-casualty insurance licenses
  • Get real life experience meeting with potential clients

A Strategic, Hands-On Approach

Training and support starts on day one and continues throughout your time as a Farm Bureau agent. From online to classroom opportunities, you’ll always be able to learn something new that will help you grow your insurance business in the years to come.

"Our training program differs in a few ways. We have a true-life cycle training program; it doesn’t end after an agent’s first few months. Other training programs only last a few months, typically,” says Corine Porter, the Director of Agency Support at Farm Bureau.

From coaches to teachers, we know that our insurance agents come from all different backgrounds. That’s why we offer training to bring each person up to speed on key business management skills. You’ll learn how to create a marketing plan to build your brand presence, begin prospecting for new clients and identifying solutions that meet client needs at every stage of life.


”Our training is made up of multiple components, with online learning, in-person and field support. We have extensive field support to continue supporting their training after they have left class. Between joint work and case design there is always someone to help them,” Corine says.

Online Learning

We offer online education options so you can learn when it’s most convenient for you. We provide this as an option to enhance the in-person class learning, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Classroom Training

As you grow as an insurance agent, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in local classes among peers and District Managers that build your knowledge. The District Manager will be your go-to person for questions while your peers have your back whenever you need them.

Field Training

Our field training workshops allow you to master skill sets such as sales skills, product knowledge, marketing ideas, running a business and more. A field leadership professional will be there for you to provide any support you may need.


”In the training, we spend a lot of time teaching agents the importance of prospecting and best practices. That is the most important step in the sales process, and we want to help prepare and help set them up for success. In addition to prospecting, there is a big focus on our sales process. We know agents who use it are more successful, so we spend time working with agents on the sales process and helping them become more comfortable with it,” Corine explains.

Training Academies

Once you complete the Developing Agent Program, you’ll transition to becoming a contracted agent where you’ll attend one of our leading industry training academies. You’ll start with the Agent Academy 1, and then transition to Agent Academy 2 and 3 throughout your first two years as an insurance agent.

”One of the things agents like the most is that we bring them all together from across our 8-state footprint, and they are together for each of the three academies. They like meeting other agents who are at the same stage as them and learning from each other. They build strong relationships with each other and stay in touch when they leave class. The agents give great feedback about the trainers; they feel that they are really devoted to their success and do a good job of making the class engaging while still providing lots of value.

Another thing they really like is the opportunity to meet so many home office employees while they are at training. They appreciate putting a face to the name and the opportunity to build that relationship.”

About two years in, agents enter the Life Academy for their LUTCF Certification to continue to learn and gain experience in the industry. One to two years later, agents have the opportunity to move on to the Advanced Life Academy, in which they’ll have the opportunity to continue to advance their experience and knowledge.

Beyond your first four years, the training and ongoing education doesn’t end! You’ll have the opportunity to attend quarterly agent meetings and topic-specific trainings as they come up.

Additional Support from Farm Bureau

Whether it be online learning, classroom training or field training, we provide a variety of ways to ensure you get the support you need. Our agents consistently give feedback that they appreciate the ongoing training and always having a District Manager to turn to when they have questions. With Farm Bureau Financial Services having an 8-state footprint, our insurance agents enjoy getting to network with peers and create lasting friendships. Having a support system of friends, mentors and trainers will help ensure you have everything you need to start your business and start serving customers.

In addition to the ongoing training, Farm Bureau has support teams to be there when you need them. All Farm Bureau insurance agents go through the Developing Agent Program to learns the ins and outs of being an insurance agent. Agents also have marketing underwriters that can attend appointments with you. You will also have the Just In-Time Team to provide support in any sales scenario you encounter.

Learn More About Becoming an Insurance Agent at Farm Bureau

Our award-winning ongoing training ensures our insurance agents have all of the tools they need to meet their professional goals. Not only do you gain industry knowledge and business skills, one key component of our training program is the ability to build lasting relationships with with peers which give you a support system to lean on as you begin in the industry. At Farm Bureau, we’re a team, all working toward the same goal of making a difference in our communities by protecting our clients, friends and families. If you’re thinking about becoming an insurance agent, join a team with the training structure to help you succeed. Click “Get Started” to begin your training today!


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