Becoming an Insurance Agent: Why Choose Farm Bureau Financial Services

January 19, 2023

Are you considering a new professional path? Farm Bureau Financial Services (FBFS) is looking for talented individuals like you to join our team as an insurance agent. A few incentives FBFS offers as a top insurance company to work for include industry leading compensation, comprehensive training and incentive travel. Discover what sets the FBFS insurance agent opportunity apart.

FBFS’s History of Success

FBFS has been protecting livelihoods and futures for over 80 years. Why have we been successful for so long? First, we deliver on our promises, being there from the beginning to help our client/members when they need us. But we’re not just about innovative insurance products and a long history of financial stability. We are about you — your family, your home and your livelihood. We care about making sure you have a bright future.

Excellent Earning Potential

At Farm Bureau Financial Services, agents make additional commission based on their sales of products such as life insurance and mutual funds. FBFS’s full lifecycle of product offerings allows for agents to maximize their revenue. There is no ceiling on your earning potential when you’re an FBFS agent.

Plus, FBFS agents don’t have to worry about franchising fees to open their own office. Upfront costs such as state licensing exams and office set-up are minimal compared to other business opportunities. In fact, FBFS offers additional compensation during the first few years as an agent while you’re getting your feet under you, and you have additional bonus opportunities for meeting sales goals in the first year. We want you to succeed, and that’s why we offer as much assistance as possible.

Industry-Leading Training

Our Developing Agent Program allows new agents to begin building their insurance business without leaving their current job. Participants sell auto, home and life insurance policies while learning what it takes to be a successful full-time FBFS insurance agent. Once potential agents complete the Developing Agent Program and determine the FBFS insurance agent opportunity is right for them, the training and education opportunities continue. We have Agent Academies located at our main campus, online learning opportunities and Field Training consultants to ensure that agents always have access to continued learning opportunities.

Experienced Support Team

As a Farm Bureau Financial Services agent, you have access to a network of people available to help you with advice and training on any situation you may face.

  • District Managers:  When you begin as an agent with FBFS, you will have a district manager by your side. This person is your mentor and a “go-to” for any questions or concerns you have. From helping you learn insurance best practices to tips for running your own business, district managers are with you every step of the way.
  • Marketing Underwriters:  We have a team of marketing underwriters that will help you achieve your sales goals. These underwriters can attend appointments with you as well as offer suggestions as you meet with client/members.
  • Just-in-Time Team:  This group of FBFS sales professionals is available to help you with any sales scenario you may encounter. The goal of the Just-in-Time team is to put you in the best possible position to offer the right products to client/members.
  • Marketing Coaches:  Once you join the FBFS team, you can join the marketing coaching program to ensure you are up-to-speed with FBFS’s marketing programs, materials and best practices. A marketing coach will help you build a strong, personalized marketing strategy to promote your business.
  • Field Leadership:  As you grow your new business as an insurance agent for FBFS, field leadership is there for you to help share their vision of success in the state in which you live.
  • Veteran Agents:  You will quickly find that fellow FBFS agents have your back whenever you need them. Agents, district managers and mentors are there to grow alongside you.

Enter a World of New Opportunities

At FBFS, you can be a leader and control your own professional path. When you join the FBFS team, we are committed to helping you build a successful business. Contact us to learn more.

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