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There's No Luck to It: How to Become a Successful Insurance Agent

While March may be the month where we celebrate the luck of the Irish, it takes more than just luck to be a successful Farm Bureau agent. That may mean an agent must be an active member of your community, market themselves or network with other professionals.

However, this doesn’t mean that our agents are left to fend for themselves. While Farm Bureau agents may work near and far from one another, we are all a part of a team and, because of this, we work to ensure that we provide our agents with as much support and education as possible.

Discover the many ways that Farm Bureau helps agents find success, as well as what activities and things agents do on their own to find success!

How Farm Bureau Supports Agents

There are many ways that we offer support to all of our agents. Here are a few:

Ongoing Training and Education

We understand that becoming an insurance agent can be a big change. But know that you’re not alone. We provide our agents, new and seasoned, with continued education and award-winning training* to stay on top of insurance industry trends and in the know of ever changing technology.

Furthermore, as a new agent in training, luck won’t be your only friend. A seasoned agent, manager or training specialist will be by your side through our joint work approach.

Take a look at a few of our education and training resources:

  • Online learning: we understand that life can be hectic, so learn on your own time and at your own pace.
  • Strategic focus: learn the ins and outs of business management skills, product offerings and proven sales techniques.
  • Classroom training: through introductory training classes and Agent Academies, agents can build their knowledge. 

Marketing Materials

Marketing yourself and your services can be tough but fear not, we offer marketing support! Whether support comes in the form of our Marketing Toolkit, which can be a one-stop shop for local advertising needs, or an on-call sales team to answer any questions that you might have, we will be there for you.

A Personalized Website

In today’s day and age, people are going online to research the different areas of insurance and to find a potential agent. At Farm Bureau, we want to ensure that our agents can be found online, and that’s why we provide agents with a free, personalized website.

Agency Managers to Offer Guidance

At Farm Bureau, you’re never going to be on your own. With our mentoring program, a seasoned agent will be ready to help you, whether it’s assistance in client meetings or helping you find solutions for your client/members. There are also agency managers and experienced field trainers that will be dedicated to your success.

Things Successful Agents Do

While Farm Bureau provides as much support as we can to our team, the most successful agents take it upon themselves to find ways to improve their business and find their pot of gold. Some of those things are:

Become Active in Their Community

No matter if it’s sponsoring a local athletic team, participating in a parade or joining organizations like Rotary, successful agents get involved in and support their community. The top agents have learned that getting your name in front of different members of your community can help bring potential client/members into your door.

Participate in Networking Groups

Some of our most successful agents joined various networking groups to help expand their business. For agents living in small communities, this may mean joining a coffee group that meets every week. Our agents that live in larger metros join organizations such as young professional groups, college alumni organizations, Rotary or Kiwanis.

If our agents find that their community doesn’t have many networking opportunities, they aren’t afraid to go online. Platforms like LinkedIn offer excellent opportunities for agents to connect and share their knowledge and insights.

Learn New Skills

Being a great agent means continually building on current skills and learning new ones. For example, an agent may dislike public speaking, but it can be an important skill to have as an agent. To improve this skill, he or she may take a class in public speaking or put themselves in a situation in which they can practice.

The more agents take steps like this, they’ll enhance their existing skills while developing new ones. Continually working on one’s skillset will strengthen an agent’s ability to provide the best service possible to potential or existing client/members.

Meet With a Mentor

While Farm Bureau provides agents with mentors through our mentor program, successful agents often find mentors outside of our program. These mentors may not necessarily be in the insurance industry and can help agents look at situations with an entirely new perspective. Luckily for some agents, a great mentor may “fall” into their lap, while others may have to seek and develop a relationship with a mentor. No matter how the relationship with a mentor begins, agents benefit greatly from having this person in his or her life.

Don't Leave it to Luck!  

Don’t wait to find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Create your own luck by discovering how joining the Farm Bureau team of agents is the next step you’ve been looking to take. What are you waiting for?


*2019 ATD Excellence in Practice Award