Traits of a Successful Agent

11 Traits of Highly Successful Business Owners

Farm Bureau agents genuinely help their friends, neighbors, and community feel secure and protect what’s important. They are values-driven, community advocates and extremely passionate – just to name a few. Sound like a good fit for your personality and career aspirations? It’s possible you already possess the 11 top innate qualities of a successful Farm Bureau insurance agent!



As a Farm Bureau agent, your community is relying on you to be there when it matters most. Being involved in local events and helping others assures your community and your client/members that you’re committed to them. They know that you’ll be there for them during the hard times when they will need the most guidance.

entrepreneurial spirit


Farm Bureau agents see opportunity, make a plan and undertake risk for the sake of possibility. Our agents are entrepreneurs who have a vision for small business success and leverage the Farm Bureau heritage as a foundation for building this vision into a reality. Their entrepreneurial spirits, in combination with the desire to truly make an impact, are the driving forces behind the ability to grow and nurture long-term relationships with clients.

high energy


The more energy and enthusiasm Farm Bureau agents have, the greater the opportunity for success. The reason is simple – when you love what you do, the more reward and fulfillment you’ll receive from helping individuals and families protect their livelihoods and futures. The bottom line is that agents who are passionate and energetic about the products and services they sell connect with their client/members on a deeper level and truly understand how to meet their unique needs.

business understanding


If you have a business and sales background and you’re ready to make a change, we’d like to talk to you! We’ve found that agents who can draw on their past business experiences have the right tools and skills to grow their small business dreams successfully. Since our agents are paid through commissions on the products they sell, the more business they write, the more they earn. Plus, our commission scale is one of the best multiline exclusive agent contracts in the business!

communication skills


At Farm Bureau, we don’t just sell insurance; we grow relationships within our communities. We look for individuals with strong communication skills to navigate important life topics with their clients and to deliver on the Farm Bureau promise of continuing these conversations as needs change and evolve.

agricultural background


Farm Bureau takes pride in the fact that we were one of the first insurance companies to truly understand the needs of farmers during World War I. While the scope of our offerings and services has grown to serve people from all walks of life - rural, urban and in-between - many of our most successful agents find that having an agricultural background helps them better serve this niche marketplace and protect the livelihoods of our rural communities.

committed and invested


Like any small business opportunity, starting out as a Farm Bureau agent takes financial commitment, hard work, time and effort. Unlike many other small business opportunities, however, there are no franchise fees or long-term financial commitments required when becoming an agent with us.



While many of the qualities we look for during the agent recruitment process are innate, successful Farm Bureau agents are also willing to take the steps necessary to grow and expand their talents. Our Agent Development Program gives you the tools you need to find success. Throughout the program, you have the opportunity to develop your skills and learn exactly what it takes to be a successful agent.

When you become a Farm Bureau agent, practical, hands-on training begins right away – including classroom sessions, online training and mentoring opportunities – and continues throughout your time as a Farm Bureau agent.

sense of urgency


With insurance, helping protect your community isn’t always a nine to five job. Our client/members count on us to be there in times of need, both day and night. Successful agents know that selling insurance is more than just a job – it’s a lifestyle. They’re on-call and ready to go when their products and services are needed most.



Farm Bureau client/members entrust their agents to orchestrate the logistics of becoming insured and simplify the process, so they can focus on what matters most to them, like spending time with family or pursuing their own passions. Great agents are attentive to detail, return client calls promptly, communicate clearly and are on time to every appointment.

community involvement


Becoming a successful Farm Bureau agent is all about building relationships and being an important resource in your community. As leaders in their communities, Farm Bureau agents are involved in their neighborhoods, working right alongside their client/members to help make them better and safer places to live and work.

At Farm Bureau Financial Services, we are looking for individuals with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a belief in the power of commitment to our communities. If you are dedicated, enthusiastic and have a passion for sales and building long-term relationships, then now is the perfect time to find out if becoming a Farm Bureau agent could be right for you! 

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