The 3 I's: What to Expect as a Farm Bureau Agent

May 02, 2023

If you’ve looked into a career as an insurance agent, then you probably think you understand the basics of the job. But at Farm Bureau, being an insurance agent isn’t about making the sale; it’s about protecting the livelihoods and futures of client/members while building a business of your own. The “3 I’s” highlight why becoming an agent with Farm Bureau is your first big step toward a great future.


When you become a Farm Bureau agent, you become your own boss. That means you have the flexibility of scheduling your own working hours — when you want to be in the office or out in the community talking to client/members and prospects. One of the many benefits of being an agent is the opportunity to build the work-life balance that’s right for you and your family.

So how else do Farm Bureau agents use their independence? They thrive in fast-paced environments and base their businesses on building relationships in their communities and truly knowing their client/members. They are committed to providing the right coverage for their client/members and understand that insurance — just like the right work-life balance — isn’t one-size-fits-all.


As a Farm Bureau insurance agent, your earning potential is unlimited. Your income is tied directly to your performance, not time on a clock. Similar to other sales jobs, Farm Bureau agents earn commissions from selling products and services, making their earning power limitless. Plus, our commission scale is one of the best multiline exclusive agent contracts in the industry, so the harder you work, the more you make. 

Agents also have the ability to earn residual income, meaning every month as client/members make payments, their agents receive a percentage of the premium. The average income for the top 50% of agents is $323,119.* And as you sell multiple lines of insurance — such as auto, home and life — there is a potential to earn more by helping clients with a variety of insurance needs. 

Our agents also have the opportunity to travel the world. At Farm Bureau, we value our agent contributions and offer multiple opportunities to qualify for bonuses and incentive travel.


Farm Bureau agents are passionate about helping others. These personal relationships make being a Farm Bureau agent both fulfilling and rewarding. After all, you aren’t selling something tangible like a car or a house; you’re selling a promise — an offer of protection and security for community members to safeguard their livelihoods and their futures.

Farm Bureau agents don’t take these responsibilities lightly. They are committed to making a difference in the lives of their friends and neighbors by helping them protect what matters most.

A Career at Farm Bureau Doesn’t Have to Be Intimidating

With Farm Bureau’s Developing Agent Program, you can test out the business without quitting your day job, and Farm Bureau will be by your side every step of the way. Contact us to kick start your new career.


*Based on active agents at the end of the 2019 tax year. Figure includes anything taxable, bonuses, trips, etc. along with commissions.