11 Confidence-Boosting Habits to Start Today

Confidence is an essential ingredient to a successful career in any industry, but it is particularly the case for insurance careers. As agents sell products and help find solutions for client/members, it’s important that they show their confidence in their own products and services. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, start boosting your confidence at work with these tips!

1. Quit Negative Self-Talk

While some self-criticism can be a good thing, as it can help you improve, too much negative thinking can hinder your job performance. Instead of spending time focusing on what didn’t go your way, also think about when you succeeded. Every day, take a moment to visualize yourself taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

2. Increase Your Knowledge

Being afraid that you aren’t knowledgeable on a topic can lead to self-doubt. Luckily, this is an easy fix! Continue to study and stay on top of the latest news and trends in your industry to boost your confidence in your expertise. Join a local professional organization or sign up for industry newsletters to get a head start.

“You get out what you put in, which is why continuously advancing your knowledge is very important in your career. You will succeed if you study and put in the extra effort, develop quality staff around you and wholeheartedly service your client/members.” – Kirk Coen, KS agent

3. Pick Up New Related Skills

Do you feel like you lack certain skills to excel in your job? There is always room to grow as you advance in your career. There are plenty of resources out there that can help you boost your skills in whatever area you need. Try out iTunes U, MIT OpenCourseWare, EdX or Khan Academy. Whether you find a local course or an online class, you’re sure to find a way to grow desired skills.

4. Try Neurological Tricks

Did you know that your body language can affect not only how others see you, but also how you see yourself? You may have heard of the “power pose,” a way of standing tall and presenting yourself that could actually boost confidence. Learn more about power posing in this TED Talk.

5. Practice with Friends and Family

If your career involves presenting and speaking in front of others, remember that practice makes perfect – to get rid of fear and apprehension when public speaking, practice in front of friends and family members. Each time you present, you’ll become more self-assured.

6. Go Above and Beyond Whenever Possible

Whenever you are presented with a task, always ask yourself, “What more can I do?” By going the extra mile, you’ll feel an extra sense of pride in your work and yourself.

“I quickly gained the confidence of my client/members because I’m honest and do my work with integrity. I believe that to be successful in the insurance industry you have to be consistent in what you do, and you must always strive to do better.” – Mary Winter, KS agent

7. Ask Questions and Be Curious

While not knowing everything can make you feel insecure, you’re never going to have all the answers. To be more decisive, you must fully understand the task. By asking questions, you can make well-informed decisions, increasing your confidence along the way.

8. Surround Yourself With People Who Will Encourage You

While constructive criticism is helpful, one of the top ways to boost confidence at work is to find people who build you up as well. Whether that’s a coworker, family or friends, surround yourself with individuals who compliment you instead of constantly criticizing you.

9. Be Prepared

Do you have a big presentation coming up? A significant factor in developing confidence is planning and preparing. Anticipate potential questions, practice presenting, and be sure to have all of the necessary materials you need.

10. Ask for Feedback

When others provide constructive criticism, you have the opportunity to improve your job performance, therefore boosting your confidence. If you’d like to grow professionally, helpful feedback can do just that!

11. Handle Rejection the Right Way

There will be times you face rejection in your insurance career. When things don’t go your way, consider a new way to approach the person or the situation. Instead of focusing on the rejection, think about how you can improve in the future and move forward.

“Don’t let the fear of rejection make you afraid to ask. Just because a person is a banker, a doctor, an attorney or a large business owner, it doesn’t mean they will say no to you or that they have all their ducks in a row.” – Sherry Leriger, NE agent

Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back and acknowledge your career successes! Rewarding yourself is a great reminder of how far you’ve come, which is also an excellent confidence boost. If you’d like more helpful information about how to grow your career as a Farm Bureau agent, check out the blog today!