The 5 Super Qualities of a Farm Bureau Agent

May 20, 2021

Your community needs someone they trust — a person who will show up without fail when you need them and spring into action at a moment’s notice.

That someone could be you!

Farm Bureau Financial Services agents are leaders in their communities and can help save the day for client/members by preparing them for life’s “what ifs.” Each agent has a unique set of skills that can help ensure client/members have the right coverage, at the right time. If you possess these super qualities, then becoming a Farm Bureau insurance agent might be the professional path for you. 

Sheer Smarts

Farm Bureau agents know a lot about insurance and what coverage is appropriate for individuals. They can manage claims quickly and use their smarts and savvy to help save their client/members time and money, and new client/members can trust that their Farm Bureau agent will get them the best coverage possible. Community members can rely on the intelligence of their local Farm Bureau agent to help keep them safe in difficult times and, most importantly, act fast when a client/member needs them.


Farm Bureau agents keep a cool head, even in the most complicated, challenging or catastrophic situations. If a tornado strikes in the middle of a small community, a fire starts in a house down the street or someone crashes into a client/member’s car, a Farm Bureau agent will be there to help pick up the pieces. No matter what happens, Farm Bureau agents have their client/members’ backs.


Thanks to their overall acumen and remarkable attention to detail, Farm Bureau agents can help identify gaps in coverage and find discounts for client/members. Our agents also provide outstanding customer service and get things done to the best of their abilities, which are considerable and can sometimes seem clairvoyant. This is the type of dedication and due diligence that a Farm Bureau agent puts into each client/member’s needs.

Super Speed

In the event of an emergency, a Farm Bureau agent can be at their client/members’ sides in the blink of an eye to assess the damage and start the claims process. No matter the need, Farm Bureau agents are accessible because they live in the same communities as their client/members. They can take care of business with alacrity and ease, all while staying connected. A Farm Bureau agent is always just around the corner for their client/members.

Unwavering Endurance

Farm Bureau agents work hard — sometimes day and night — to help their client/members in times of need. They never give up, they never back down, and nothing gets between Farm Bureau agents and their client/members. They will stand up and speak up, all to protect the communities they serve. They keep working until all of the pieces are back together and their client/members’ lives are back in order.

Your Community Is Looking for Someone Like You! 

Your super smarts, speed, endurance, invulnerability and telepathy can help you save your community from disaster. If you want to use your super qualities to help others and become a hero in your community, contact us to learn how you can become a Farm Bureau agent.