Your Guide to Getting Your Insurance License

October 09, 2023

If you’re thinking about becoming a Farm Bureau agent, getting your insurance license is a crucial step in the process. Being a licensed agent is necessary so you can talk about options with your clients and sell your products.

Licensing requirements vary depending on what state you’re working in, but you’re required to have a license to sell in the insurance industry. You can search for your state on Kaplan Financial to see what licensing is required in your location. 

You’ll Need to Take These Three Steps

To get your license to sell insurance, you’ll need to: 

1. Attend Classes

Almost all states require you to complete pre-licensing coursework before you can be an insurance agent. You may be able to meet these education requirements through either online or in-person classes. The time commitment varies. In some cases, you can take a one-day class, while in others you may need 200 hours of instruction.

At Farm Bureau, all prospective agents have a District Manager helping them through the licensing process. We want you to succeed, which is why we will supply you with your study materials for classes. You’ll also be provided with an onboarding call focused on how to get the most out of your resources. 

2. Take a Written Test

The next step in the process is taking written exams to gain your licenses. It is common for these tests to be held at a testing site in your area. Some states provide the option to take the test online, with a live proctor overseeing it.

After receiving your testing results, you can officially apply for your insurance license. If you don’t pass, you can retake the test on another date. Some states limit how soon you can test again, or the number of times you can take the test within a year.

At Farm Bureau, we provide assistance as you study for your exams so you can be confident that you’re prepared. When you’re ready, your district manager will work with you to schedule your necessary exams and help you through the licensing process.

3. Apply for Your License

To officially get your license, you’ll need to submit the license application forms to the department that issues insurance licenses for your state. You’ll also need to pay the required filing fees. The cost will vary between $150-$300, depending on your state.

What Happens Next

How long does it take to get your insurance license? It depends on your state and the type of insurance you plan to sell. It could take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, but your Farm Bureau district manager will help you throughout the process.

Many insurance sales agents are licensed to sell:

·         Property and casualty insurance, which covers auto, home, personal property, flood and business insurance needs.

·         Life, health and accident insurance for people who need coverage in those areas. This type of license also typically covers annuities and long-term care insurance.

You may need additional licensing to sell other types of insurance, such as farm and ranch insurance or business insurance. Obtaining additional securities licensing can also permit you to sell variable and wealth management products. You may want to start by getting licensed to sell some insurance products and then expanding to different areas over time as your business grows.

After becoming licensed in your home state, you also have the potential to become licensed to sell insurance in nearby states. 

How Farm Bureau Can Help

At Farm Bureau, we’re committed to nurturing aspiring agents throughout the process. We can help you determine which areas you need to be licensed in, what requirements you need to meet to qualify and how much your fees will cost. We can also help provide study materials before you join the Developing Agent Program.

If you’re ready for a new opportunity, learn more about Farm Bureau today.