8 Ways to Build and Maintain Strong Client/Member Relationships

November 22, 2022

Building a successful business starts with understanding the importance of building relationships with clients. With Farm Bureau Financial Services by your side, we make it easy. The key to successful client relationships? Well, that depends on a lot of different factors.  But it starts here, with these eight insurance customer engagement strategies for building and maintaining client/member relationships that last. 

1. Have the Right Toolkit

We know that starting — let alone growing — your business can be challenging. Rest assured, as a Farm Bureau agent you have a built-in support network to help you along the way. When you join our team, we provide you with the right toolkit to cultivate long-term, loyal client/members who are sure to benefit from your services. We provide turn-key marketing tools, a talented and supportive team as well as ongoing education opportunities to foster long-standing relationships in your community.  

2. Add a Personal Touch

We live in a digital age, but that doesn’t mean our work has to be cold or impersonal. In fact, that’s what makes Farm Bureau agents stand out. Sure, many potential clients begin their insurance search online, but offline is where Farm Bureau agents form lasting relationships. It’s the reason we don’t offer insurance quotes on our website. Instead, our agents build personal relationships through face-to-face communication, naturally deepening connections as you learn more about your client/member’s world and which products best meet their needs and goals. These personal relationships are critical to customer retention in the insurance industry. 

3. Think of Yourself as a Resource

Being a Farm Bureau agent is more than a sales job; you’re serving as a resource for your community. As a valuable community asset, you have the knowledge and know-how to match the right products with the right people. Throughout the year, Farm Bureau offers several opportunities to help our agents continue education through ongoing training, conferences and mentorships. What will you do with these skills? Better serve your client/members, of course. They will know they can count on you to have the most up-to-date information to protect their families and belongings during any stage of their lives. 

4. Be There When You’re Needed…

No one can predict when a crisis will occur. But Farm Bureau agents do business across the table, not the country, so you can be close at hand in your community if (and when) tragedy strikes. Let your client/members know this. The advantage of choosing you over other insurance carriers is that you can be there when your community needs you most — day or night. 

5. …and When You’re Least Expected

We’ve all had friends or relatives who only come out of the woodwork when they need something. A key to successful client relationships is to exceed their expectations — surprise your client/members with thoughtful notes, a gift card to their favorite local coffee shop or even dropping by to say hi. How can you go above and beyond? Our agents know how to go the extra mile to find new ways to say, “Thank you for your valued business!” 

6. Reward Your Client/Members

When you sell Farm Bureau insurance products, you’re selling membership and, trust us, membership has its rewards. Our client/members are automatically rewarded through exclusive member benefits, ranging from discounts on travel and entertainment to automotive purchases and health services. 

7. Grow with Your Client/Members

A key part of relationship building in sales is understanding that your relationship with a client/member doesn’t end when they purchase an insurance policy. Their needs will change throughout the course of their lifetime, so you must be prepared to sell a full suite of life and property-casualty insurance products. Maintaining your client relationships will ensure your client/members have the coverage they need to protect what’s most important to them throughout their lives. 

8. Commit to Your Community

Farm Bureau agents are intrinsically involved in their communities and focused on making them better. They understand their business is not just about insurance products — it’s about people. When you become involved with your local community and focus on giving back, you’re living what it means to be a Farm Bureau agent. 

More Than Products

Cultivating long-term client/member relationships is more than providing the products and services they need and is just one way our agents go above and beyond to protect the communities we serve. Contact us to learn more about how you can help your community as a Farm Bureau agent.