Key Benefits of Having a Professional Mentor

Having a professional mentor -- a person who can advise, counsel and guide you, who you can talk freely and openly with -- will make your career journey smoother and more enjoyable.

At Farm Bureau Financial Services, we truly believe mentorship is essential to career success, and if and when you decide to join our team, you will be part of a culture dedicated to development and support. This support comes in a variety of ways, including being backed by our agency managers, regional financial consultants, life sales advisors, and field trainers.

Discover first-hand from our agents how a mentoring relationship has directly impacted their professional success. Then, read on to learn how the benefits of a strong professional mentor relationship could excel your own career aspirations!

Agent Spotlight: Armando Vargas, Omaha, NE

Agent Spotlight: Bruce Jones, Cherokee, IA

Benefits of Having a Professional Mentor

In any field, having a professional mentor can help individuals develop and advance their careers. Especially in the business of insurance, which centers on building long-standing relationships within the community, having a strong mentoring relationship founded on collaboration and mutual respect can impact professional development tremendously. When you are paired with the right mentor to support your personal and professional growth, you can expect:

  • Insider perspective. You’ll get help navigating your career from someone who knows first-hand the challenges of your industry, as well as the rewards. He or she will help you assimilate into the insurance industry and give you an insider’s view on how to navigate success.
  • Continued education. A strong mentor relationship will present you with opportunities as you job shadow, role play and continue to explore your career. He or she can help you gain the practical experience necessary to master skills, tackle obstacles and transform into the leader you’ve always imagined.
  • Accountability. Your mentor is someone to bounce ideas off of and to hold you accountable. He or she is also there to provide critical feedback and personalized advice when you need it, as well as to push you to define and reach significant short- and long-term personal and professional goals.
  • Inspire. The person mentoring you should be someone who you can admire and for whom you have a high value and respect. When this is in place, a mentor will serve as a role model whose own experiences may challenge old thinking and inspire more effective approaches.
  • Network growth. Your mentor is your advocate and will do what he or she can to open doors for you, be it within your organization, within your community or into a leadership role. Through a mentor relationship, you’ll gain access to your mentor’s extensive network of contacts, which may expand your own.
  • Leader development. Agents in mentoring partnerships gain more than the specific skills and competencies they set out to develop. A mentor who is truly invested in your success will help build your leadership skills, teamwork and ability to communicate effectively -- all of which will add value to your business and the people you serve.
  • Reverse mentoring. A strong mentoring relationship is built on collaboration and a commitment to the professional development of both parties. Many strong mentoring relationships provide an opportunity for each participant to learn from each other. The knowledge you share will be just as valuable to your mentor’s professional growth as his or her knowledge is to yours.

Benefits of Being a Professional Mentor

When an individual is mentored, he or she may continue the cycle of mentorship by then becoming a mentor. The benefits of doing so go beyond the satisfaction of helping someone else achieve their professional goals. They include:

  • Affirmation of your own professional competence.
  • Chance to give back to your company and industry.
  • Opportunity to build coaching, leadership and management skills.
  • Growth of your own network.
  • Insights and different perspectives through knowledge transfer with future members of your profession.
  • Ability to bridge the gap between generations with varying workplace values and styles.
  • Address issues of succession planning and retention.

No matter where you are in your career, whether you are a seasoned insurance agent or someone about to embark on a new career in insurance sales, we believe you can benefit from having a professional mentor dedicated to your success -- and at Farm Bureau, we make finding the right mentor easy. Click ‘Get Started’ to begin the application process today.

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