Farm Bureau Trivia Day

January 04, 2016

Hello, National Trivia Day! Each year, this special day asks friends and family to test their knowledge and learn new facts about the world around them. Our trivia will awe and surprise you with facts about what it’s like to be a Farm Bureau agent.

If you’re considering a new career as an insurance agent, test your skills with the ten career trivia questions below and discover why being a Farm Bureau agent is one of the best small business opportunities around.

1. New agent financing is available during the first _______.

a. 2-3 years
b. 5-8 years
c. 1-2 years
d. 3-4 years

The correct answer is B. After becoming a Farm Bureau insurance agent, you can receive 5 to 8 years of new agent financing to help you get on your feet and grow as an agent. This way, you can focus on becoming a successful agent within the communities you serve.

2. Which state is NOT in Farm Bureau’s eight-state footprint?

a. Nebraska
b. Ohio
c. Kansas
d. Minnesota
e. Arizona
f. Iowa
g. South Dakota
h. New Mexico
i. Utah

Ohio, or letter B, is not included in Farm Bureau’s eight-state footprint.

3. On average, first-year Farm Bureau agents make how much more than other salespeople*?

a. 25%
b. 10%
c. 7%
d. 56%
e. 60%


The correct answer is D, 56 percent. Like most salespeople, Farm Bureau agents make a commission based on sales. However, a unique aspect of Farm Bureau insurance is that an agent makes additional commissions each year that the client/member renews their policy.

4. The Farm Bureau program that lets you “try agent life on for size” without quitting your day job is named ________.

a. Reserve Agent Program
b. Farm Bureau’s Experience Program
c. New Agent Program

The correct answer is A, the Reserve Agent Program. This program lets prospective insurance agents keep their full-time jobs, but also test out what it’s like to be an insurance agent with Farm Bureau. The program lasts four months, plus you get the commission for every sale that you make.

5. How many Agency Managers serve in Farm Bureau’s eight-state footprint?

a. 20
b. 42
c. 25
d. 54

There are 42 Agency Managers, or answer B, in Farm Bureau’s eight-state footprint. Agency Managers are like mentors, helping agents become as successful as they can be. They inspire, open doors for them, network, and so much more.

6. Each year, on average, the top ____ percent of Farm Bureau agents earn up to _____ in incentive awards.

a. 8 percent and $9,000
b. 4 percent and $6,000
c. 10 percent and $11,000
d. 15 percent and $15,000

Surprise! The correct answer is D. The top 15 percent of our agents earn up to $15,000 in incentive awards each year and can qualify for Farm Bureau’s most exclusive clubs, the Super All American, All American, and Pacesetters. Reserved for the best-of-the-best, Farm Bureau agents earn opportunities to enjoy beautiful destinations like Italy, Mexico, Ireland, Australia, Spain and more.

7. During the Agent Recruiting Process, candidates meet with whom during the third interview?

a. Regional Vice President
b. Agency Manager
c. Director of Recruiting
d. Assistant Agency Manager

The correct answer is A, the Regional Vice President. Starting a new career is a big change, and we’ll decide together if becoming a Farm Bureau agent is the right fit.

8. Which social media channel does Farm Bureau NOT use?

a. Instagram
b. LinkedIn
c. Twitter
d. Facebook
e. YouTube

The correct answer is A, Instagram. Farm Bureau currently uses LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and it’s is a great way to stay up-to-date on company news, events, real-life testimonials, and much more.

9. The Farm Bureau Financial Services Home Office is located where?

a. Lincoln, NE
b. Salt Lake City, UT
c. Minneapolis, MN
d. Topeka, KS
e. Phoenix, AZ
f. West Des Moines, IA
g. Brookings, SD
h. Santa Fe, NM

We are proud to call West Des Moines, Iowa, home! The correct answer is F.

10. Farm Bureau’s farm and ranch coverage is recognized as some of the best in the country. Where to we rank in farm market share in our eight-state region?

a. #10
b. #4
c. #3
d. #1

It’s no doubt the correct answer is D, #1! We have a strong hold on the farm market share, and we believe that the positive relationship between our agents and our client/members is what got us there.

If these facts and figures intrigued you, it might be time to consider moving your career forward. Take a leap during National Trivia Day and learn what an ideal agent candidate looks like.