A Company Culture Where You'll Thrive

July 26, 2023

At Farm Bureau, for more than 80 years we’ve understood that success is built around solid relationships. Our agents nurture connections in their communities, and our team-oriented company fosters collaboration in a supportive atmosphere. When agents succeed, we succeed – we know that a culture of teamwork is a crucial part of that success. Here’s what you could expect as a new agent: 

Building Your Foundation

Our extensive training program supports new agents from day one. It’s focused on products and sales strategies, so you can learn the specifics about the products you’ll offer your clients and the best ways to show your clients their value.

Training starts with the Developing Agent Program, where you can give business ownership a test run to make sure being a Farm Bureau agent is the right fit before you commit. You’ll get hands-on experience, support from our team, the opportunity to earn a commission and honest insights into the career path. 

You’re Never by Yourself

As a Farm Bureau agent, you have the freedom and flexibility to run your business however you choose, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Team-oriented companies like Farm Bureau understand the network you need to succeed. So, we back you up with:

  • A home office team you can turn to with product-specific questions
  • District managers focused on your development
  • A Just-in-Time sales team that can help with any sales scenarios, so you’re best positioned to offer products to clients
  • Mentors and coaches who can help you build your business
  • Marketing support that includes turn-key tools to help build your brand presence, and marketing coaches who keep you up to date on best practices and advise you on your marketing plans
  • Financial consultants and wealth management advisors for your clients with more complex needs
  • Underwriters for commercial marketing and ag marketing
  • A comprehensive agent-focused website and convenient mobile apps to ensure your clients have smooth experiences
  • Continuing educational opportunities to continue to build your business
  • Compliance support to ensure you’re following all rules in a heavily-regulated industry
  • Legal guidance for clients with advanced needs

That supportive team was just what Brandon Dicks was looking for after he retired from the military and wanted to find an opportunity that provided that same culture of teamwork, support and leadership. He found that fit at Farm Bureau, where he’s been thriving ever since. 

What You Bring to the Team

At team-oriented companies like Farm Bureau, everyone brings a set of skills that, together, foster success. Our agents are confident, organized and coachable. They have a lot of energy and an entrepreneurial spirit.

For our agents, joining Farm Bureau has been professionally fulfilling and financially rewarding, but we recognize that it’s not for everyone. We’re looking for people who genuinely want to help others in their communities and build their own business. We’re looking for people ready to work hard for their community while creating the work-life balance they’ve been dreaming of. 

Find Your Team at Farm Bureau

If you’re ready to join us at Farm Bureau, where a culture of teamwork and support is built into the corporate structure from top to bottom, connect with the district manager in your area to learn more.