Is It Time to Change Jobs? (8 Signs to Look For)

January 26, 2021

Your alarm goes off, and all you can do is groan. It’s time to get up and go to work — again. If your job has you dreading your alarm, it might be time to think about making a professional change. But how do you know for certain that it’s time to change jobs? Here are eight signs that a change could be in order.

1. It Just Isn’t Working

You’ve been at your job for a while, and it just isn’t clicking. Perhaps you work better in a collaborative environment, but your current role has you working in a silo. Or maybe you enjoy doing something different every day, but your current job is monotonous. If you’ve realized your current job doesn’t align with your skills and work style, that might be a sign you’d be better off somewhere else, doing something else.

2. It Doesn’t Excite Me Anymore

You think back to when you started your job and remember that you couldn’t wait to get your day going. Now, you feel like you spend your days at work being bored, just waiting for the workday to end. If you’re craving tasks that challenge and excite you, it’s possible that your professional ambitions go beyond what you can reach at your current job.

3. I Don’t Feel Like Going to Work

This feeling is hard to deny. Whether you’re feeling ignored or unappreciated, a dislike for your job has started to build. You may also be feeling like you’ve stopped learning and you’re not developing new skills, which can lead to dissatisfaction in your job.

4. Is This Really Making a Difference?

If you find yourself asking this question, you’re probably longing for a more fulfilling opportunity that allows you to help others. It might be time to seek out a job that has a more tangible impact on your community. Farm Bureau agents make meaningful differences in their communities.

5. I Like My Coworkers, but Not the Drama

If you find yourself dealing with a negative work environment and it’s weighing on you, a new job could be in order.

6. I Don’t Feel Secure at This Job

Are you getting the sense that the company could go under? It’s unsettling to feel like you could be let go at any moment. The stress of the possibility of becoming unemployed can take a toll on your wellbeing.

7. My Disinterest Is Making Me Lazy

The indifference you feel toward your job could lead to further disinterest and bad work habits. When you stop caring about your job, it’s very difficult to be successful and grow. Are you feeling like you’re capable of more than the responsibilities you’re given?

8. I’m Know I’m Unhappy but I’m Afraid of Moving on

You may be staying at your current job simply because you’re comfortable, and starting over isn’t easy. Although finding a new job may seem overwhelming, it might be less stressful than staying at a job you don’t enjoy.


Try Something New

When you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, thinking about a new opportunity can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. When you enroll in the Developing Agent Program, you don’t have to quit your job right away, but you still get paid for your work. What do you have to lose? Contact a Regional Manager to learn more.