Farm Bureau Membership - It Pays to be a Member!

When you sell Farm Bureau insurance products, not only are you helping client/members protect their livelihoods and futures, you’re granting them access to a dedicated financial services advocate, the opportunity to strengthen the community and participate in grassroots advocacy, as well as take advantage of exclusive member-only benefits. This advantage is just one of the many ways it pays to be a member!

Peace of Mind, Day and Night

Being a Farm Bureau agent is more than a job – it’s a lifestyle. Every day you are helping people in your community protect what’s most important to them and putting lives back together after a loss. When your client/members purchase our insurance products, they also purchase an annual membership. Beyond the discounts and benefits, membership means that your clients can rest assured they have a dedicated financial services advocate who truly listens and is there for them in times of need – day or night.

A Strong Voice Within the Community

What matters to our members, matters to us. Being a Farm Bureau member is a simple yet powerful way for your clients to support a wide variety of programs, educational tools and events that help local farms, businesses and individuals prosper. Because Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization, membership guarantees your clients the ability to express opinions, provide input and be involved with decision- and policy-making at both the local and state level.

Dozens of Discounts and Savings

Membership has its rewards! Farm Bureau members are eligible for savings on everything from travel to entertainment. Based on your state Farm Bureau, your client/members, whether they live on farms or in the city, will likely gain access to special discounts and exclusive offers on:

  • Automotive purchases
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Car rentals
  • Farm and business supplies
  • Health and wellness services
  • Hotels
  • Entertainment
  • Internet and online services

We’re proud to be a service to members’ organization and believe it’s just one more way we enhance the lives of both our agents and their communities served. Bring the advantage to your community by applying to become a Farm Bureau agent today.


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