Tips to Maximize Business Productivity

Each year, employees have the goal of being more productive at work and look within themselves to answer questions like: “How do I get more done at work? Or how do I get things done more efficiently?” For many, being productive at work is one of the most popular business goals to have, but one of the hardest resolutions to keep. For Farm Bureau agents, it’s the little things they do each day that helps them accomplish their goals while protecting livelihoods and futures of the communities they serve. Find out from a handful of our agents what they do to maximize their productivity each day!

Create a System

“I have a system for almost everything from preparing an annual review to chasing old leads. In short, I suggest others not fly blindly but instead: 1) define the problem; 2) come up with a solution (system) to fix the problem; 3) work the system to find bugs; 4) don’t be afraid to make changes as needed.” – Ryan Wilcoxon, SD agent

Get Involved

“I make sure I have face-to-face meetings. Clients and prospects are always surprised that I’ll meet them at their home or place of business. I believe my willingness to do that sets me apart.” – Richard Wright, AZ agent

Stay Involved

“My staff and I have made a name for ourselves by teaching what insurance does. We don’t have the business mentality of “this is what you need, sign here.” – Tim Lundgren, IA agent

Keep the Funnel Open

“Each day I add at least 5 prospects into my marketing “funnel” – whether it’s a personal phone call requesting an appointment or a letter or email with a question. The more I add to my “funnel,” the more consistent my sales can be.” – Robin Spear, IA agent

Show That You Care

“If you care, it shows. If you care enough to be there and ready for your client/members, they’ll stay with you, send new business your way, and trust you to do what’s right.” – Nathan Lindeman, SD agent

Keep Track of How Much Time You Spend on Tasks

“My schedule is busy, so it’s important to block time for all my activities. I color-code my activities so that I can look ahead and back to see why numbers are where they are. Green is sales related, yellow is potential sales, and red doesn’t have potential.” – Jason High, KS agent

Set Expectations

“Begin to build expectations and processes as soon as possible. I’ve found my staff responds much better to having a clear process to follow. Not only will the staff be confident in what they’re doing, but then I can step away and know work is being completed and in a quality manner.” – Nikki Schaal, AZ agent

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